No Touching, Big Brother

I love to tease my big brother Derek. Showing off my young body makes him so hard but I always call him a pervert when I catch him staring.

I wear my sexiest clothes to show off my perfect, golden skin, perky breasts and my tight ass.

The other day I was wearing my tiny little booty shorts and a tank top. I walked past Derek, who was playing video games. He didn’t even give me a passing glance. So I went to the fridge to get some soda. I shook the can and opened it. Fizzy soda exploded all over my shirt and I yelped “Oh, damn it!”

” What happened?” Derek asked.

“I got soda all over myself. I’m all wet and sticky. Can you help me clean up?”

“I’m not touching you.” Derek turned back around.

“What are you afraid of big bro? Scared you gonna get a hard on?”

That made him angry. He paused his game and came up to me. ” Listen you little slut, you think you can just waltz around here half naked and make me lose it. I have complete control over my urges and you don’t turn me on one bit.” He pushed me to the wall. I pushed him back. That really set him off so he took me by the shoulders and pressed me against the wall.

” You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” He had a big smirk on his face. He was trying to scare me but I knew he didn’t have the balls to try anything.

“I bet you cant even get it up.” I was only kidding but that pushed him off the edge. His eyes clouded with anger and he slapped me across the face.

“You think you can talk to me like that without getting punished?” He pulled me by my hair and dragged me to the kitchen counter.

“What are you doing? Stop that hurts!” He slammed my head onto the counter and pulled my shorts down. A few seconds later I felt all 10 inches of him balls deep inside me.

“AHHH” I yelped in surprise. My brother started to pound me so hard that the cabinets underneath the counter started to bang open and close.

“Oh sister, if I knew how tight your pussy was I would have fucked you sooner.”

I had never been fucked so hard. I started to scream but he didn’t care. It turned him on even more.

“You’re an animal!” I cried through clenched teeth. I could feel my pussy creaming as I began to cum all over his fat dick. He slowly slid his dick in and out to hear that beautiful squishy sound.

“Oh baby, that’s hot. Now turn around and suck the cum out of this cock.” As soon as I wrapped my tongue around the tip of his head, I felt his hot, sticky goodness ooze into my mouth.

I giggled and looked up at my brother “You taste almost as good as Daddy.”

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