You ant to be a sissy but where to begin? If you are reading this is because you want to know how to be a sissy at last. But, not just any sissy you want to be the best sissy there ever was. No worries because your sissy training starts today. The feminization process takes time that will not happen overnight.

First and foremost…

I need to know what is the driving force behind your sissy desires? This is a very important factor. I want you to take some time and reflect and truly understand your motivation for wanting to be feminized. Knowledge is power and once you figure why you want it so bad then the rest will be a piece of cake.

Reasons why being a sissy is soo appealing…

The humiliation the fact that you are not a real man, for wanting to be a naughty sissy slut. For servitude craving to be a maid, a cum eater, running errands bathing and pampering someone else. Being dominated,  the fact that you don’t want to be in charge and want to be controlled by a sexy dominant woman like myself or an Alpha man. You might get pegged when you are ready to be used. Also, clothing, you get to wear all the frilly sexy lace, silk, and nylons among other sexy girly things.

Sissy Training Starts Today

Once you know what drives your sissy desires then you are ready to move on to the first part of your training. A sissy’s appearance is crucial. You only get to opportunity to get a good first impression. As with anything pertaining to sissies, there are many facets to the appearance, Which will determine what type of sissy you want to be. Maybe you want to be a part-time sissy maybe you are looking for an identity permanent change. Here is what you need to think about…


Sissy should be free from all body hair. At the least your legs, groin, and ass baby-smooth ad hairless at all times. Also, moisturizers and exfoliators are your best friends. You should be smooth to the touch. There is no excuse for ignoring proper skin. Manicure and Pedicures are a must. Maybe you are a part-time sissy then at least have clear top coat polish on them. Make-up is very important always go for a tinted moisturizer or sunblock lotion. Look for a nude or clear lip balm. SIssy should not have a chapped cock sucking lips.


There are many techniques I can show you when it comes to altering your girly voice even if you have a deep voice. Although if you smoke or even drink can affect your voice how soft it is. Where there is a will there is away. I can show you how to perfect your sissy self. Feminizing your voice will be a bit of a challenge but practice makes perfect.

Are you ready to begin your Sissy Training Starts Today?

If you are still on the fence I invite you to take my Ultimate Sissy Faggot Test. If you are then the next step would be to give me a call. I will provide the best Latina Sissification Phone Sex you have ever experienced.