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Are my sissies ready for their first day of sissy school? I’m excited to be there while your transforming into the perfect sissy. You feel out of place in a man’s body and you love frilly clothes, dresses, panties and pink! The moment you slipped on those first pair of panties you new you were girlie but you have no one to help you explore it further. I’m here to dress you, care for you, and to explore all your cross dressing fetishes with you. You’ll talk, walk and act like the sissy you desire to be. I’ll offer you sissy maids a lesson in pleasing and catering. You’ll be dressed in frilly maid uniforms and you’ll love pleasing your mistress. Being submissive with a desire to please others is something to be proud of but with my help you’ll be a perfect sissy maid.

My sissy princesses will love my stylish sense of fashion. I love to dress my sissy princess head to toe. Your going to need it to get that attention you so desperately want and with my help you’ll be center of attention. Just imagine your out in public all dressed surrounded by attractive men who want to get in your panties. Because I know there are many types of sissy’s I haven’t forgotten you housewife sissy’s. Your the desperate housewives type that just want to please the man you have at home. You will dress up for him and know every thing that makes his cock twitch. I have something to offer every sissy but are you willing to explore your fetish? Get a lesson in cock sucking too. A perfect sissy knows how to please everyone. My strapon will be perfect practice for you but it’s only the beginning.

Before bending you over and fucking your man pussy I’ll have your lips wrapped around my strap on. Pegging is fun for every submissive sissy slut. I bet you keep a toy hidden away at home you use when your all alone. Bring your sissy boy fetish to me to explore it to the fullest. Don’t be shy I’ll keep your kinky secret. My desire is to train you and bring out that sissy boy side you keep hidden. Are you ready for your first day in sissy school? Let the sissy training begin!

Kinky Kelsey