You have found your way to me for a reason. Why you ask. Because I am a blunt and honest woman that believes in telling a man the truth especially with my Sissy Panty Boy Humiliation. You are hiding a secret. Underneath your suit pants, you are wearing satin panties. Furthermore, I know your type and I am ready to delve deep into this with you.

Don’t panic, too much. Yes, I am going to humiliate the shit out of you. No, I am not going to physically hurt you. I won’t need to, my witty observations of you will hit you like a ton of bricks in the pit of your stomach. Honestly, my goal is forcing you to face the real you. Get honest about what you really want and go get it. You are craving more than just the panties.

So, with my Sissy Panty Boy Humiliation, we are going to figure it out.

I know that each panty boy is different. Some are not craving a real cock. However, you are craving my strapon, even if you don’t know it, yet. If you are wearing satin panties, you have a feminine side you are hiding. The sensuality of those panties as they rub against your skin and dick is exhilarating. You love the feeling and knowing this is what a girl feels in these panties.

Additionally, it is okay to feel this way. That is why I am here for Naughty Confession Phone Sex. I want you to have a safe place to share your deepest, darkest secrets. Of course, I may use my sissy panty boy humiliation on you but you will survive. It is all for the purpose of bringing out your true self. Then you are able to live your life much happier.

It must be hard to carry this secret every day.

I mean, if you are married, where are you hiding your pretty little panties? Do you live with the fear of being found out? It must be exhausting. Now, you can share all the details with me. I will help you carry the load so you are no longer alone. Also, it is time we look into the things that will help you be happier. Do you know what you desire most? Are you ready to tell me?


Sissy Panty Boy Humiliation Phone Sex


If not, it is okay. We have plenty of time to figure it out. I want you to be honest with me and trust that we are going to figure things out. Also, from now on, you will only wear your satin panties when you are with me or if you are told to do so otherwise. Strip off the suit you wear every day. Come on, fucking do it! You are a sissy boy underneath that suit and it is time you own that.

This is your reality, own it!

Now, if you are unsure about the craving of cock we are able to start slow with anal stimulators and my sex strapon. Of course, most men find my FemDom Sensual Pegging completely addicting. It is eye-opening when they are discovering how exciting prostate stimulation can be. So many see anal play as a stigma but it doesn’t have to be. Now, with you being a sissy boy, in time you may want to graduate to dicks.

You have to be honest with me and not hide from it. Own it and don’t be fucking pussy, bitch. If you want a cock sliding deep inside your tight man pussy, say so. This sissy panty boy humiliation is for your benefit to help you find out what you really want. If you let old ideas and opinions stop you from enjoying what you are truly craving, you will never receive the full benefits of my sissy panty boy humiliation.

You have come to me for my sissy panty boy humiliation.

So I am being fucking honest. Don’t you dare waste this opportunity and lose out on having the fun you are dreaming of. You are wearing those sexy panties and want to be in touch with your feminine side. We are delving into this area to see what you like with the stimulators. If you feel you are ready for more, you better tell me. If my strapon feels so good, you know you want to feel the real deal, then that is your next step!

And, Bitch, you will go out and find that cock to experience what you truly desire. I will not tolerate less from you. If you do not follow through, I will no longer be your FemDom Goddess. Think of this as part of your journey in my submissive male humiliation games. So, you need to have your pretty panties on and call me now!