If there are no girls, make your own and have some sissy fun!


I’m a woman’s woman, I love the feminine and soft things in life. Even though I can be a bit of a hard ass sometimes, I like to think I specialize in tough love.  And I’m always down for some girl-on-girl action, it adds to it that I can have my hand or a leash around their pretty little neck. But sometimes, there’s no girls to play with, so I make my own. I get some naughty boys to do as I say and dress them up like the sissies they are. Then we both get to have some sissy fun.

To have some sissy fun, I always have some panties and toys lines up and ready to go!

The panties are all lacey and silky, way better than boxers or briefs any day! I also have butt plugs and prostate massagers and an occasional dildo too. They’re all designed for my sissy slave to take home and remember me by. But of course, they only get it when they obey for the whole session.
It’s not hard to find sissy boys, there’s more than you think. They usually are louder about being so “macho” more so than most. But alas, it’s all a facade. I think they do it to hide…but I wish they would tell me sooner so I don’t have to do too much research and we can just skip into sissy fun. Sometimes I even play dumb and say “Look at these panties, I wonder if they can fit you…”

Once I get them to admit they love the feeling of lacey and silky panties, the sissy fun can begin.

Once I slide their panties on, I’ll rub and tap their balls inside their silky panties. I often make sure they’re bound in some way, handcuffs, rope, or even my own stockings. They know I’m their owner now, they rarely fight, but in the event that they try, I have a toy for that too! I have a flogger that has a secret detachable butt plug on the handle.

Good sissy fun is better when my sissy slave is stuffed with a plug.

If they do choose to fight my authority, that butt plug comes out and gets stuffed into their pathetic asshole. Then I get to have fun as I whined up and smack them on thier lacey bottom (then their bare bottom) with my flogger.

I don’t take the panties off fully, it’s dirtier when I slide the panties to the side so their tight asshole is in full view for me to smack and stuff up. And my strong hand, combined with the flogger had the power to make them scream my name! They end up begging me for mercy, and they will get it, but only when I decide they have earned it.  But one commonality is apparent when we do sissy fun, they all pledge their loyalty, especially as I leave bruises and other marks galore.

So my sissy boys, let’s get you dressed up, and let’s make a mess! be sure to hike up your skirt a little more and follow my orders, otherwise I will pull out the toys!

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