Lipstick Fetish? Or Just A Sissy Boy In Training?-Part I

Lipstick fetish? Or just a sissy boy in training? Jon has been steadily moving along the path of feminization (each step that he takes, makes him want to try yet another.) He is only a part-time sissy with family and works to consider, but he knows that the path is only forward, not backward. So I thought I would offer him 30 mins a day of sissy boy training and he absolutely loved the idea.

Below, you will find the steps I’ve had him take towards becoming the ultimate sissy and here you can find the sissy quiz. What an absolutely perfect place to see whether or not you’re ready to become a full-blown sissy faggot! Don’t worry, if the test reveals that you’re as faggoty as they come, I will offer the same thing I offered Jon: a chance for some real sissy training and results. I will have you in drag and on your knees in no time. Here we go!

Lipstick Fetish Or Sissy Boy In Training?

1. It all started with a pair of panties. One day he put on a pair and was amazed at the feeling. Sexy, feminine, intoxicating and so very right. Now it is panties almost every day for him and he loves the truth of being a panty girl.
2. Admitting that he wanted me to help him explore and nurture his feminine self – no it is not simply a sexy thrill, it is a basic part of him. He loves the feminine inside himself and the joy when he feels a surge a feminine energy.

3. Buying his first bra – with the assistance of the saleswoman and myself, Veronica. While there, Jon immediately began to have a new appreciation of the importance of coordinated outfits, if he wanted to feel pretty.
4. While looking at a Victoria’s Secret catalog he realized that he didn’t care about the models, only the outfits. Looking for sissy boy signs is key. Yes, he wanted the matching panties, bra, cammy and so on. He couldn’t get enough.

Sissy Boys Often Have A Lipstick Fetish!

5. Smelling like a woman is also key. Jon started using a pretty scented body lotion every day. Now his skin truly wants the pampering and it is nice to have a little bit of scent with him all day.
6. Removing as much body hair as he dares. Yes, he would love to be smooth all over, but he is not quite there, yet. He does keep his sissy stick smooth and free from pubic hair. Any chest hair he had, had to go as a bra with hair on his chest simply did not work. Keeping his underarms smooth was another big step he had taken. Recently he went to the salon for a waxing and had all the hair removed from his sissy clit and above, no landing strip just smooth skin. Oh and his ass too!

7. Moving beyond lingerie! Yes, He loves his lingerie, but to truly feel femme he needed to get some dresses, crop tops, and skirts. To name a few items. That was a step at a time, but he has been diligently moving along the path. He is still learning his way around women’s shops and learning sizes, but he has come a long way and improves daily.
8. Telling the saleswoman straight out that he is shopping for a dress for himself and need some help with sizes has worked out for him well when I am not able to accompany him. So that is a big step, not hiding behind a pretext, just telling the truth had been very effective for him and less painful than he thought.

Lipstick Fetish!

9. Shoes were next same lesson as the matching bra and panties. Any outfit needs shoes, it’s as simple as that and every sissy should know that. Going out and buying in his size, was a step in the right direction and one of Jon’s biggest accomplishments.
10. Accessories are a must! He had the dress, panties, bras, shoes and so on, but Jon needed to learn how to accessorize it all and accessorize he did. I was rather impressed with his fashion sense. I recommend looking at various catalogs to develop your own taste.

11. Thinking and feeling like a woman, not just dressing like one. He was actively seeking to see and experience the world from a feminine frame of mind, reading women’s books, magazines. Jon consciously trying to engage in “girl talk” with the women around him. Jon was very proactive in seeking out a woman to engage with.
12. Makeup is one of the most important factors in being a sissy boy. Jon finds it fun to have his own makeup collection. Complete with primer, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss. And now it seems very natural, for him to put on his makeup and head out on the town.

Do You Have A Lipstick Fetish?

13. Stepping out is no easy task and Jon knew it too. No way could he pass as a woman (though he does have nice legs), but just adding a bit of a hint to my appearance helps him along the way. Perhaps a bra underneath his shirt, a necklace, clear polish on his nails, a pretty scent, just a little something each time to help him feel his feminine self. Each time he steps out, he adds more to his look.
14. Going to the salon! What woman doesn’t like to be pampered? We are firm believers that a pretty woman, is a confident woman and this is no exception for sissy boys. To be continued. What do you think about sissy cuckold?

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