You Will Be My Sissy Boi And Love Every Minute Of It!

You will be my sissy boi and love every minute of it! When we talk, it’s usually all fun and games. You’re eager to please me and pretend that you’re doing this or doing that and it has been sufficient, until now! You see, lately, I have decided to up the ante and no longer will pretending to satisfy my insatiable need, to make you suffer. With that being said, I made you download Skype and create an account so that I can watch you perform your tasks like a good little bitch, like my cute little toy poodle! That Look of agony on your face, as I play with you, really gets my motor going!

At first you were hesitant, but after a little convincing, you decided to go along with my plan; I mean, after all, you don’t want me telling wifey about our secret fantasy romance. You wouldn’t want me to tell her about all the times you went through her panty drawer and wore them, while we talked. You wouldn’t want me to tell her about the time you got pissed off at her and came on her side of the bed, while she was at work and didn’t clean it up…..hehe I loved that one, personally! Hmmm, so not only will you do as I say, you will love it, or I will blackmail your ass to a fucking divorce, THEN you’ll really be a pathetic prick.

I want to watch you dress up in one of your wife’s dresses and twerk that ass up and down, like a little-drunk prom whore!

I want to watch you take her favorite spatula and smack yourself in the nuts with it. Want to actually hear the “Smack!” Want you to take the garbage bag twist ties and tie them around that swollen little cock of yours….twist them so tight that your cock turns a nice pretty shade of purple…hahaha! Don’t you just love the color purple?? I do!! So tighten that twist tie just a little tighter.

Having the opportunity to watch your little sissy boi on Skype is a lot of fun for me. I love watching you obey me and twirl around like a little sissy boi babe. Now, is when the fun is going to really begin! Like a good boy, I want you to take all of your wife’s toys and line them up on the dining room table, buffet style. I am going to watch as you either lick, suck and, or fuck every single one of them. During this time, I will be simultaneously rubbing my little pink twat and laughing my fucking ass off.

I want you to wear one of her thongs while we do this.

Want you to saturate those panties of her, with your body sweat and cum, just to put them back in her panty drawer…HAHAHA! That outta smell nice! While she’s trying to figure out why she draws smell so fucking gross, I want you to deny it and play dumb….well, you won’t be really playing, but you know what I mean.

This is the point where I want you to grab her big black dildo and……when you call me, we will continue this tale of torture, humiliation, and blackmail!! Your Free Phone Sex Awaits You!


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