Desire For The Siren

Born from the seed of the ocean
Cursed with great beauty and sexual desire
Living in my own world of sex and desire
Never alone I have you to fulfill my lust
Your cock explores all my available holes
In my throat my fierce thirst is quenched by you

I am the siren that you desire and serve
I am Queen Siren of your wettest dreams
My seductive tongue that gathers up and down your shaft
The sweet juices ooze down my fat thighs
Dripping on your tongue and down your throat
A dark and moist cave for you to drive deep into
Allured by your Siren you drive deeper and harder
I whirl incestuously beneath you suckling your tongue

My whore mouth inspires your lust and desires
Grinning with a seductive smile
Pulling you deeper under my spell
At your command, the seas crash harder
Matching your own powerful thrusts
The Siren begins to sing in your ear
Hypnotized and mesmerized by the seductive melody
Rock hard by the supple and round woman
Your cock throbs and pulses with desire
No other woman on land or sea holds a candle to me

Lonely, horny sailors bring their ship closer to the Siren song

Drooling and fighting for a taste of my wet vortex
I gobble you up inch by inch down my silky throat
Sucking the largest of the men into my dreamy lips of desire
Swallowing every last drop or your salty cream
Into my belly and into my ocean
Your shrieks grow louder as you shoot the final drop
Drowning in the sea letting out one last moan of satisfaction

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