Feel My Silky Smooth Pantyhose Rub On Your Throbbing Cock

Feel my silky smooth pantyhose rub on your throbbing cock! There are so many ways to have sex, some are naughty while others are fun. I’m pretty sure by now I’ve done everything I possibly can, but I still find ways to keep things exciting. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with sex, lol. Last night I was in the mood for a little fun, while driving some poor guy crazy so I slipped on a pair of pantyhose, a short dress and killer heels. I looked hot and Kevin, a fuck buddy with a hardcore pantyhose fetish practically drooled when he opened his door and saw me standing there. I’d been to his place before so I headed for the bedroom and took my dress off while he watched. 

He started taking his own clothes off, as I undid my bra I kept my silky smooth pantyhose on and said that it would be up to him if they were taken off which he loved. I kicked my heels off and we got on the bed, kissing as his hands moved all over the place. He just couldn’t get enough of the silky smooth pantyhose and gave them a hell of a lot more attention than he gave me. Kevin then moved off me and nudged my hips, rolling me on my stomach. I laid there, as he stroked my ass then pulled me up my hands and knees. I knelt there as his hands slipped to the front of my thighs and began touching them, making my silky smooth pantyhose slide over my skin. 

The slippery material made me shiver and he leaned over me, his hard dick pressing against me.

He rubbed himself on my ass, humping me like a horny dog as he moaned and touched me. I wiggled my ass on his cock and knew he was covering it with pre-cum. After a few minutes, he stopped for a second and took a handoff me. I felt his dick slip between my thighs and I moved my legs a bit closer together, holding him there as he moaned. “Damn, that feels good,” he said and gave a small thrust. His dick felt so hard as he began thrusting again, finding a steady rhythm. He went back and forth, his dick popping out before being massaged by my thighs. I listened to him making all sorts of sexy sounds and his nail scratched me as he ripped a hole in my silky smooth pantyhose.

I squeezed my thigh muscles adding pressure on his throbbing dick and he told me to stay like that.

Then I clenched them as hard as I could, making it good for him. He moved faster, his dick sliding in and out of my silky smooth pantyhose covered thighs as his fingers dug into me. His thrusts became all crazy, fucking me like a wild man as he pulled me back on him. He groaned and started cumming, blobs of wetness landing on my thighs. It slowly dripped down me as he panted and slid his dick out, leaving a string of it along the inside of my thigh. He laid down and I straddled him, rocking my hips and teasing his sensitive dick. “Are you done? Because I’m not.” He hissed as the pantyhose slid over his dick and pulled me closer to him. He had a lot more left in him apparently and I was more than willing to get my jollies off!!

Have a pantyhose fetish? Wanna feel that silky smooth material over your cock? Call me and I will satisfy you!

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