Shoe Fetish: Shoe Salesman Can’t Get Enough Of My Feet In Hot Shoes

Shoe fetish loving salesman can’t get enough of my sexy feet. That’s right! I recently went shoe shopping and encountered a shoe and foot fetishist. He even came in his pants because of my feet.

So, a friend of mine is about to marry and I decide it is time to shop from some sexy shoes to wear. My boyfriend is going to be out of town until the day before the wedding and my best friend was working so I had no one to go with me. I decide to go at it alone. Not a problem since I like shopping.

I look everywhere for a good shoe place but all the shoes I see are blah. I finally find a small shoe store at the edge of the mall and walk inside. There was only one salesperson in the whole store but that just means I get all of his attention. He greets me with a smile and has me sit down in the chair in the middle of the store.

I tell him that I have a wedding I am going to and need a pair of sexy ass heels to make everyone jealous. He hops to it and starts grabbing shoes in my size, which he had guessed correctly. His selections are impressive. He sits down in front of me with about 6 pairs of gorgeous heels.

He starts by taking my shoes off.

And boy, that made him gasp a bit. He said “My! You have such gorgeous feet. I am sure one of these will be perfect for you to showcase them.” I sit back and he slips on the first pair. Giggling, I watch as he gulps and licks his lips at the sight of my feet in these heels.

But, the shoes weren’t right. He moves onto the next pair, some satin strappy platforms. He starts to sweat and I can see the bulge get bigger in his pants. But, again, the shoes were just not the right fit for the wedding.

He slips on a pair of red, shiny, 6-inch heels. His mouth begins to water as I turn my feet, just showing off my sexy feet. He puts the shoes up against his nose and sniffs the material as if they smelled like a rose. I raise my eyebrow but I am not one to kink shame… good for him for getting his jollies.

This was one crazy shoe fetish.

The next pair are just no good so he moves onto the last pair. Shiny, black, strappy ankle, 6 inches. I was blown away by how good they looked. He was too because he licked the bottom of the heel all to way to the top.

I look down at him as he starts to sniff the shoes and grunts very loudly. And then I could tell because there was a wet spot… he had cum in his pants. I stand up and walk to the register to pay and just leave the money on the counter for him.

I giggle and wink at him as I leave in my new heels. What a great day for this slutty nerd.

For a good time and some hot phone sex… call me.