Crawling on my hands and knees toward you
I tilt my head up grazing my cheek against your knee
My eyes meet and lock to yours my master
Waiting for your command and use me like a good little slave
I stay silent still caressing your knee
When you gently pull me to my feet
I look to the floor undeserving to look at you, master
You pull the shackles from the headboardPlacing them on wrists behind my back
Of course I wear them willingly
You pull me closer to the edge of the bed
Putting me on my knees beside it
You sit on the edge and put your finger to my pink lips
Running my eager tongue along the edge of your finger
Crawling between my master’s legs
Touching your knee with my tongue
Running my moist tongue up one muscular thigh
Then slowly down your other thigh
Before focusing my complete attention between your muscular thighs
Carefully taking the tip and head into my wet and hungry mouth
Swirling my smooth tongue in circles around the tip
Tilting my head forward sucking in entire head and throbbing shaft
Sucking tightly while I use my tongue to stroke underneath
As you watch me take your cock in and out of my mouth
Lean forward you grabbed my shackles
Pulling me to my feet and tossing me on the bed
I look at you worried I did something wrong
Not speaking you lie on your back
Pulling me on top of you straddling your massive cock
Sliding down your massive shaft surrounding it with tight pussy walls
I begin to slide up and down your long cock in a slow smooth rhythm
I was dying to kiss you, but you haven’t offered your lips to me
I kept my eyes locked to yours as I rock your massive hard cock
The sounds of our hips colliding got louder and louder as my rhythm quickened
Grabbing my shoulders pulling me forward touching my lips to yours
Kissing me passionately gripping tight to my hips
I bounced on my master’s cock harder and faster
Covering every throbbing inch in pussy juices
My body started to shake
My pussy walls tightened in the moments of my orgasm
Taking a nipple into your mouth and pinched it with your teeth
You explode into me, shot after shot of hot cum
Climbing off your lap
I took your cock into my mouth again
Licking and sucking your cock clean
Rolling me over to undo the shackles
Hanging them back on the headboard to shackle me for later