I love the way silky stockings make my feet feel, they are so soft and slippery. Just the way they feel when they slide on and off my luscious legs and feet. I’m not the only one who likes the way they feel, Tyler likes it too. I’m almost sure you also like the way they feel against your body and how they cling to sexy long legs. In fact, he liked it a lot more than I did, the poor boy couldn’t get enough of my pretty stockings or pantyhose.

One even while dressing for my date, I slipped into a very short dress over a garter belt and stockings. I loved dressing sexy from head to toe. Beautiful black lace bra and sexy silky black panties make me feel totally complete. Complete for a night of naughty play with a cute guy.

When we arrived back at his place, we didn’t waste any time, we went straight to his bedroom. The lights were dim, perfect for showing off my luscious body. In one swift move, my little red dress fell to the floor. Tyler’s eyes went straight to my stocking covered legs. I knew from the way his breathing increased rapidly, he liked what he saw. I couldn’t resist teasing him. I let him get a good look at me. All of me, especially my stockings and garter belt. He was under my spell, he would let me do anything I wanted. I slowly began to undress him starting from top to bottom.

There we were almost completely naked, as Tyler pulled me onto his lap. We kissed for a bit and I put my foot over his ankle, slowly stroking him with my toes. His eyes never stayed on me, they kept darting down to my foot. “It feels good, doesn’t it?” I asked him. Blushing like a bad little boy, that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He was embarrassed and I liked it! I told him it was okay, as I moved away from him like a little temptress. I nudging his legs apart and sat down between them. I couldn’t resist teasing him, as I slid my stocking feet against the inside of his thighs. Slowly I moved them up to his hard dick. Caressing him with my pretty red-painted toes. His cock stood at attention, like a soldier ready to go to war. He was sticking straight up and I watched him twitch, as my stocking softly slid over his skin.

The power I had over him increased within seconds of my soft stocking feet continued touching him. I couldn’t resist the tease, as I squished my toes against his balls and kneaded them into him. I pressed down rather firmly. Interested in a little BDSM – cock and ball torture phone sex? He groaned gently, as I released the pressure off my toes on his cock and balls. He was dying to touch himself. The temptation was too great for him to control himself. I took my feet off his balls and place my feet together, wrapping them around his dick. He bit his lip, as I pressed them around him and gave a slow stroke.

He gasped, as he breathlessly told me not to stop. I moved my feet up and down, teasing his shaft with strokes that were good but not as much as he needed. I kept stroking him, as he put his hands over my feet and gently pressed me tighter on him. I gradually began going faster and watched as a drop of pre-cum leaked out of his tip. It dripped down the head of his swollen cock. I pressed my toes closer his head, simply teasing that sensitive spot until more dribbled out of him. Perfect lubrication, I thought, as I kept working his dick. I jerked him off, going slow on the down stroke and rubbing on the upstroke, working the most sensitive areas of him.

I felt his cock swell between the soles of my feet and didn’t let up, not even for a second. Little tease and denial, as he begged me to allow him to cum soon. “Not yet babe. Hold on and just enjoy, as I edge you along.” I whispered softly. He threw his head back and groaned, as he started cumming all over my feet. I watched as he shot his load all over me and smiled at what I had done to him. I pumped his dick until he was empty. The glistening cum covered my black stocking feet. It was all over them in white blobs. I ran a toe over his sensitive head, as he gasped one last time. Slowly, I took my feet away from him. “You’re such a dirty fucker,” I told him, as I looked at the mess he made. He just laid there panting, as I was ready for round two of some naughty sex….I saved the best for last. Wanna caught up on the details….you know what to do!

Let me push all your boundaries with Edging phone sex, as I tease you with my stocking toes.  Do you want to talk about your “SECRET” kinky stocking fetish? Maybe REAL Life experience of dressing up? I promise not to tell.  It will be our little world to explore together.  Bring it to the table – I’m an anything goes kinda girl. I have no boundaries and neither should you.  Our phone sex experience will be one you will never forget. Let’s explore BDSM or Sissification phone sex together.  Our time together will leave you breathless and craving more.  The opportunities are countless. Grab your phone, your cock and get ready to lube up for fun.  Let’s get together for some adult chat or are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex? What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing.  Anything goes, as long as you cum. Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.

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