You’re watching her again.That sexy secretary of yours.

You shake your head and move your eyes back to the contracts in your hand again. But no sooner than you tune back in to the legalese that drips from the pages than you hear the click of your secretary in her black stilettos on the marble floor that surrounds her desk. You raise your gaze again and feel your pants becoming uncomfortably tight as you see her, bent at the waist, writing something down. Your eyes travel from her leather clad feet, up the miles and miles of black silk that encase her long long legs. The seam in those stockings is so straight and so simple but it drives you insane.

Your wife used to wear things like that for you, didn’t she? Back when she still tried to make you happy. She doesn’t try anymore. It disintegrated from “Darling! Welcome home!” to “Dinner is on the stove, I’m heading to my book club”. But that secretary, she is always extremely eager to please and eager to praise. Admiration still lights her eyes when you speak and by the heaving of her ample breasts, you know that its more than just a professional veneration.

You even know that she goes out of her way to catch your eye.

Like the way she is bending to write that message she is taking for you. She could easily sit in the plush chair at her desk but instead she poses for you, showing off her ass in that tiny black skirt. So short in fact that you can see that those intriguing stockings end in a lacy black band around her supple thigh. You smile and decide to finally reward her for all her hard work.

“Ember, could you come in here, please? And close the door behind you” She looks up and smiles. Her strut brings her toward you slowly, giving you time to see that her suit jacket hugs her tiny waist while it strains to hold her massive tits. As she sits down on the other side of your desk, she crosses her legs very slowly. Slow enough for you to catch a glimpse up her skirt and notice that she isn’t wearing any panties. She chuckles and winks to let you know that she notices your appreciation. You stand and head around the desk, leaning against it just in front of her.

She holds your gaze and licks her lips.

Then her hands comes up and rests on your knee, moving slowly up your thigh to your crotch. As she lays her hand firmly over the massive bulge there, she stands up to whisper against your lips “I want to know what you taste like” and just like that she drops to her knees and works to free your throbbing cock from their material prison…

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