A sexy housewife is what every man craves at the end of a long hard day.

I pride myself on being a sexy housewife. The kind of woman who knows how to take care of her man and her home. My closet is full of sexy lingerie and sexy heels for me to choose from. Therefore I like to take my time while picking out what I want to wear.  It turns me on while I  drive my man wild.

I don’t think you need to actually be married in order to say you’re a sexy housewife and I’ll tell you why: A sexy housewife is a state of mind.

I truly enjoy caring for my man and my home. My lover doesn’t even live with me, yet I always cater to him when he comes to see me.

I cook, clean, bake and light candles. I love to run a hot bubble bath and let my man soak while I get dinner ready for us. I’m often fiercely feminist and very vocal about. Which is why I probably get off on pleasing my man behind closed doors so much.

After my man gets out of the bath, I love to dry him off from head to toe. I give a great massage and I get so horny feeling on all his muscles and his big hard dick.
It makes my pussy so wet to squeeze and rub his arms, back, neck and legs. I love to suck my man’s dick while he’s still damp from his bath and he smells so good.

Truly I think I have the sexy and the housewife roles down pat, wouldn’t you say? But, to be truthful, my favorite thing about trying this role out is saying goodbye to my lover and taking my apartment back for my own!

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