An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, but a Sexy House Call is Just What the Doctor Ordered!

A sexy house call is just what I needed. I have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but who really wants to do that?

So, let me tell you exactly what happened. My friend fell in the shower the other day. Her son had left a toy in the tub and in her haste to get cleaned up for work, she didn’t see the toy right there on the floor.

So, I came over to give her a hand.

She called me on her cell phone and I came right over. She had managed to slowly get out of the tub, hair wet and all. I took one look at her foot and knew she had probably hurt it. So, we got her dressed and went to the ER.

While we were there, I got a phone number from a hot doctor who came in to see my girlfriend. We started talking and had a bit of light-hearted joking and yes, he got my number.

I never dreamt he’d actually call me or pay me a sexy house call. Admit it, all of us have a medical sex stories fantasy, don’t we? I’ll never forget that doctor because he was so tall. Upon seeing him, I joked I didn’t know the hospital had hot sports players working there. He laughed and told me that he had tried basketball, but he really didn’t do well at the sport.

A chance meeting turned into a sexy house call.

I went down to the cafeteria to get some food. I was sitting at a table by myself just looking at my phone when I saw him approaching my table. He joined me for a little while. So, at the end, he had my digits. I left it alone thinking I’d never see him again.

After getting my girlfriend home from the ER, I went home. I was so tired from the day. Just then my phone rang. I rushed over to answer it, thinking it was my girlfriend. However, it wasn’t her at all. The cute doctor was on the phone talking to me. I grew so nervous. Well, we made arrangements and by 11:00 that night, he was at my door.

Luckily, my husband was working late, but I am sure he would not mind as long as he got a taste later. A little drinking led to some flirtation and some much-needed kissing.

There is something wonderful about just making out.

Why you ask is kissing so important? Making out is the start of even hotter things to come. He didn’t need a medical bag that night. He had all the right tools to probe all of my sensual holes that night.

We undressed in rather a frenzied way. There was no slow stripping or touching. We just wanted to get to each other’s hot bodies. This sexy house call was turning into a sexy dessert.

He carried me over to my room. I felt so wonderful in his strong arms. This guy knew what he was doing. His mouth probed and examined every hold and licked all the built-up tension away, if you know what I mean.

His face was so wet with my cum. I knew he was getting so turned on just licking and probing with his tongue and fingers. He couldn’t take any more and just had to fuck me.

There was no formality, he just fucked me hard.

It was time. I’d like to say he took his time, but there was no slow lovemaking that night. Just hard fucking. That was all right with me. When he slid inside of me, he fucked me so hard over and over. My cum poured from my hole like a fountain.

I couldn’t wait for what happened later.

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