In my lifetime, my family has rarely been apart for long. Growing up in a small town, most of my family, extended and all, were always within proximity to each other. Part of that reason is simplicity being near each other and able to help each other out. The other reason being, our enjoyment of the incest lifestyle. Now that I am older, I love my sexy GILF family time.

Of course, today, our family is in bigger cities and not so close to each other. We are still within a moment’s drive. Then, this COVID stuff shows up, and we decide it is best for Granny Frankie to isolate for safety. I have to tell you; it isn’t easy not getting to spend time with my beloved grandchildren. Of course, my kids were happy to share their unique fun with Facetime for us all.

Now, it is time to get back to Sexy GILF Family Time.

Our incest and family fun time is back. Of course, all my incest loving callers can get the details during my Mature Phone Sex sessions. As I am sure you are aware, I am limited in my blogs as to what details I can share. That is okay, though, because when you call, there isn’t anything I won’t discuss with you. This naughty granny has no limits.

Whether you are one of my incest lovers or a dirty sissy boy that needs some training, I am open to all. Even those losers with tiny peckers have a place with me. Additionally, for my guys that require an open ear, I am here to listen. If you have been searching for someone to share your secrets with, you have found her. Come to me for my Comforting GILF Conversations.

Now, back to the fun of my family and I reconnecting for some fun.

My kids and grandkids are here tonight for some fantastic fun. We haven’t gotten to hang out for weeks. I have all their favorite foods and snacks. My daughter and daughter-in-law are helping me cook. After dinner, we are playing board games for a bit. Then, we will be having the sexy GILF family time we all love so much. My son is struggling to control his hardon as we are all together.

As an incest family, I have been spending time with my kids for ages. Again, those details from their youth are for our phone calls only. However, our adult fun is open for discussion anywhere! My son has a decent pecker too. His dad lacked in dick size, so it was great when my son was ready for sex with Mom. He and I were fucking all the time since Leo was always on the road working.

And, my husband being an incest fan, did not see that as cheating.

God knows if we had video cameras, then he would have had us film them and send them to him on the road. We were always using our old school video cameras to shoot our family fun, but Leo has to wait until he is home to watch them. So, those special moments between my son Zack and I are ours alone for a while. Of course, his sister also loves playing and would join in sometimes.

Now, we are all adults and have fun together often. The three of us usually play with the significant others now. I love how sexy my daughter-in-the-law and son-in-law are, and he has a huge cock. It is a lot of fun with all five of us having our little orgy fun. The options are endless for us during that dirty play. Additionally, add in the grandkids, and we are all getting off many times over.

So, tell me, which is it that gets you hard from my incest lifestyle?

Do you love the idea of me with my adult kids and mates or with the grandkids? Or is it both situations that are getting you hard right now? Perhaps, I am helping you remember past experiences. Together we can get off to them. Isn’t that a splendid idea?! Maybe, all the sexy GILF family time is getting your horny? Call me now to play!

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