Sexy demon and the ritual of summoning: Bring on the succubus

It’s time for another sexily spooky story, last week we had fun with some Horny werewolves and today lets get a sexy demon introduced!  Would you go so far to summon a sexy demon to take your semen? For now, relax and enjoy the ride!

It’s time to play succubus! Sexy Demon Summoning


Alex sat at his table wishing that he could get his nut off. He had been insatiably horny lately. No matter what porn he watched or toy he used, there was no relief. He ran his hand through his messy black hair. A loud thump against the front door he passed made him jump.  Walking toward the door he opened it slowly and looked around. Laying on the porch was a singed parchment package.  To help with your cravings- Luci


Who’s Luci?. He thought curiously. The package was slightly heavy and had a strange wax seal on the back. He carried it into his kitchen. Grabbing a sharp knife he cut the seal and the paper fell aside.  Inside was a note, 5 black candles, a piece of thick white chalk, a small empty glass jar with weird symbols on it and a very old leather-bound book. What the fuck is this shit he thought.

Unfolding the letter the ink shimmered and said his name

Wait what?  The letter thus read…

Alex, I know you have been frustrated but I have a solution to your problem of being always horny. I have quiet the few concubines to spare I make them for fun. Inside the book will tell you how to summon your very own sexy demon. She will be a succubus and it is very important you follow the directions to a tee or she will appear and take your soul with no reward. – Luci 

For now, Alex flipped open the page and read through on how to summon the sexy demon and how to tame her so she wouldn’t just harvest his soul. He was going to make that demon his cum whore. All things considered, it was a pretty easy ritual to do he just had to wait till midnight.

Sexy Demon Succubus time to summon…


As the book told him the first step was to draw a circle with a star in the middle of it. The next step was to place a candle on each point. The glass jar he had held a special purpose. This container was to hold his cum to feed to the succubus when she appeared.  He had unloaded a nice fat load of cum in the jar.

The book was illustrated with pictures on how to set everything up. With this in mind, it was easy to follow the step. Following each direction, on the whole, a bright green fire blasted up when he spoke the last words.

Laying in the circle of flames was a beautiful woman with large black horns, wings, and a black spaded tail.  Alex couldn’t believe it worked.  He picked up the jar and in a commanding voice, he spoke. ” I know you hunger Succubi now drink the essence of life-giving”  He felt silly but nevertheless, he wanted to fuck her. She was the most beautiful creature he had seen.

The Sexy Demon Succubus narrowed her eyes…

Alex never broke eye contact, as a rule, in the book this was the test of wills. For this reason, he stayed strong.  The Succubi was the first to look away and her black eyes looked in the distance. She held her hand out and snatched the jar and chugged down the cum. At the same time, a loud snapping sound cut through the outside and a black spiked collar appeared around her neck.

The ritual had worked, Alex successfully had tamed a sexy demon. In other words, he had his own personal slut. This was particularly exciting and as she stepped out of the low green flame she spoke.  I am Miri your personal demon how may I serve you master.  She snarled.  Alex would give her a pass on this, all things considered, he did rip her out of her home.

For the time being, Alex would settle for a blow job and commanded her to do so. For this reason, Miri dropped onto her knees.  She flicked her tongue around and moved it in beat with her head.  Sucking his hard cock until it throbbed with pleasure. Her tail came up at the same time and began to stroke his full balls as she worshiped his throbbing cock. Alex tossed his head back in ecstasy as he began to pump rope after rope of cum out of his cock. The hungry Succbi drank every last drop and flicked her tongue across her teeth. Is that all you got? She taunted…

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Like the sexy succubus well I would love to play out the fantasy with you! Let’s have some sexy spooky supernatural fun with some hot phone sex!