Two Daddys

My daddy and his best friend Kevin have been by each other’s side for years. Everywhere my daddy goes, Kevin goes too. This worked out perfectly for me because Kevin had a daughter named Cece, and she was the same age as me. Being around each other so often, Cece and I quickly became best friends too. The four of us would always find something fun to get ourselves into. Then one day, Cece and I had the feeling our daddys were up to no good. We had overheard how much they love sharing everything with one another and how they planned this trip to be the perfect time for a sexy daughter swap!

A Sexy Vacation

As we were sitting in the back seat of the SUV headed to the cabin, Cece and I thought of all the ways our daddys would ‘swap’ us. The first thought to cross our mind was shopping. Daddys love to take their girls shopping and treat them to ice cream! But the growing grins on our daddys’ faces told us that ice cream and shopping were not a part of our getaway weekend. So what could it be? Then, I thought back to a few nights ago. Daddy and I were cuddling on the couch and I felt daddy’s monster cock grow hard underneath me. Maybe he has been having the same daddy and daughter sex dreams that I have been having. Then, it clicked.

Sexy Daughter Swap

Daddy and Kevin’s sexy daughter swap idea was far from being innocent. They had planned to bring us out to the cabin for quite the naughty adventure. Cece and I began giggling in the back seat because we had finally cracked their secret plan. As we pulled up to the cabin, Cece and I hopped out and ran inside. If the daddys wanted something special, they would have to play our game first. A game of hide and seek was the perfect set up for their sexy daughter swap plan. As the daddys split up to find us, Cece and I were waiting to be found. Then, Kevin found me. 

If you can catch me, you can fuck me!

Kevin picked me up over his shoulder and tickled me all over. As the laughter filled the room, Cece grew jealous that her daddy made me giggle so much. Then she ran out from her hiding spot and my daddy scooped her right up and did the same as Kevin did to me. The two of us girls were laughing and squirming so much that our shirts were almost all the way up around our necks and our shorts were sliding down. The daddys were ready. They already had each others little girl in their arms and with the share of a smile they both took us into the master bedroom. 

I want your daddy inside of me!

The both of them laid Cece and I down gently on the bed. We looked at each other and knew the time was here. What our daddys didn’t know was that we had our own version of the sexy daughter swap. We wanted to try each others daddys just as much as they wanted to try us. Kevin slid into bed behind me as my daddy slid behind Cece. They took turns undressing us and we grew excited. My daddy made the first move. 

Daddy started to kiss Cece all over her neck and down to her perky tits. Kevin followed my daddy’s lead but started from the bottom up. I felt his hands rub all over my legs and his kisses touched every inch of me. Finally, both Kevin and Daddy were hovering right above our sweet pussies. As their tongues entered me and Cece, we turned to each other.

Sharing Cocks and Kisses

We shared passionate kisses in the heat of the moment. This turned Kevin and Daddy on even more! So much more that Kevin couldn’t help but take the next step in the sexy daughter swap and slide his cock inside of me. I gasped as the full length of his member penetrated my tight hole. Within seconds, I was on my hands and knees begging him to go deeper.

Cece and I were watching each other take our daddys cocks and loving every minute of it! Then, they each pulled out of us. Cece and I got on our knees in front of them, eager for their cum. Two young and hungry cum sluts waiting for daddy and Kevin’s hot loads all over our faces, tits, and tummys. Then they released their love all over us. Sharing our daddys was so much fun, we decided every month we would vacation to the cabin for another sexy daughter swap!

Make me your little girl, daddy.

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