I tend to drive fast no matter what. It isn’t that I am in a hurry, it is that I love speed. Feeling the air flying through my hair as I am driving through my beautiful city.  One of my favorite places for driving like this is the Venetian Causeway. The Venetian Causeway crosses Biscayne Bay between Miami on the mainland and Miami Beach on a barrier island in South Florida. Unfortunately, today I am getting a ticket for speeding. Looks like I am getting a sexy BBC interaction today!

The officer is using his radar gun watching as people are getting on the causeway. Of course, I am jamming to my music and don’t even notice him. I am flying down the road and he immediately is following me. He doesn’t put on his lights or siren for some time and when he does we are coming off the causeway. So that we aren’t in the way of traffic, I pull into a business parking lot.

This sexy police officer is coming to my car and I know it is going to be a sexy BBC interaction!

He is at least 6’5″ with a body made of steel. His biceps are huge and he is fucking gorgeous. He has bright green eyes with light brown skin. This man must be spending hours and hours at the gym. All that is going through my mind right now is, “Does he have a big dick and can I find out without getting arrested today?” As he is walking up to the car, I am rolling down my window.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” I respond with a hello and is there a problem? He is looking at me like I am from Mars as I ask him again what is wrong. At this point, he is getting a tad over my innocent act and asking me to step out of the car. He has me step to the curb and do a sobriety check. All the while, I am telling him I am sober. Of course, my act of innocence has pissed him off. Time to pull out all the stops to save this situation and get me some sexy BBC interaction instead of anger.

I tell him I am sorry and know I have issues with speeding.


He is then rethinking things as he sees I am being completely honest and trying to salvage this moment. As he is eyeing me up and down, he is asking if I am a model or something. I explain that I am not a model but do have a lot of awesome connections to models and other wealthy important people. This only makes him smile and wink at me. I am not trying to use that for this moment, sir.

So then I go on to explain what I do for a living. That I am a Latina GFE Phone Sex Operator. He is laughing at me, saying I am making it up. I am explaining that I am not lying and let me show him some of my skills. He is ready as I start using some of the skills I use on my calls and he is getting into it then. I am explaining I a naughty girl in all areas of my life and he asks how naughty.

I ask if he would like to see it, making sure he knows I am not trying to bribe him out of the ticket.

We are trying to decide if where we are is the best place for our fun, he suggests the back of his patrol car. Hell yes, let’s do it. Once we are in the back of the car I am pulling out his huge cock for our fun. I am enjoying his nice big dick as he is moaning and leaning back against the seat. As I am working on his cock, I ask if he likes amateur porn. He says he does and I let him know I have my own Homemade Latina Porn I can give him.

That is sending him over the edge and making sure I do not get this ticket. As he is cumming a huge load down my throat, I am loving this man’s dick. Once I am done with that, he is asking if I have time for more. Well, of course, I do. We are in this location for some time for our sexy BBC interaction. Now, if you want to know everything that happened that day, you have to call me to find out.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke