Sexual stereotypes galore! Wait, who’s a whore?

We all have heard it.  So and so behaves like such and such because they are this or that race/gender/faith.

Well I happen to think that is all bullshit, but I wanted to expand upon some of the preconceived notions for shits and giggles.  Please don’t take offence here, because there is no politically correct way to touch upon these subjects.

– Girls who fuck are sluts (and if they fuck everyone but you, they’re bitches) but guys who fuck are studs.

– Latinas/Latinos and blacks – have ALL THE RHYTHM.  True or not, I think we can all appreciate some a good reliable cadence.  We all dance to a different beat, you just have to find one that works for you and your partner!  😉

– Latinas – are fiery and passionate in bed with the fervor of one thousand burning suns.  Sounds like a perfect storm to me! Guess someone ate their Wheaties that morning!

– Caucasian – have “less rhythm than a drunk turkey…” Now, there is something to be said for enthusiasm, but if you can’t even keep a reasonable pace, then you might want to work on that just a smidge.

– Asians – the men have small dicks.  But as we know, it’s not always about the size of the ship, it’s the motion of the ocean!  Also, I’ve seen plenty of proof that this stereotype is not true.

– Blacks – the men have huge schlongs.  Even though most of us ladies know that any more than nine inches is a waste anyway, I’ve also seen plenty of proof that this stereotype is not true either!

– Jewish women – are cold, frigid, and “just lay there” in bed… which sounds like a just plain silly pigeonhole to me.  We all have nights where we just aren’t that into performing, just as much as other nights I could ride all night in a sex marathon that would put the Olympics to shame.

– Southerners (Rednecks/Hillbillies) – They all fuck each other, are inbred and “you couldn’t figure out their family trees without a map and a flashlight”.  I am sure that this happens everywhere (remember that guy in Germany?!), so how’d the South get a bad rap?

– Christians – have no sex unless attempting to get preggers.  Or better yet, they use the “poophole loophole” before they get married . I’ll be honest though, a little anal could be fun, but you have to pair it with a good ol’ fucking!

– Atheists – have no morals, thus they are loose and easy. If you ask me, morality has nothing to do with sexuality.  I’ll do the choosing who, what, when, and how I get my rocks off.

 With all that out on the table now, I’ll leave you with this final message to take away: Baby, we are all pink on the inside.

So fuck on my fine horny friends… however you see fit! 😉