Sexual Humiliation Games: Destroying Your Small Penis

Strap in a prepare yourself we are taking a break from Real Incest today and focusing on you. That’s right you with the tiny cock that loves to come to play with us and have Humilation phone sex. I see you and your undesirable package you call a cock!  Relax and pull out your little guy and jack of to these three gorgeous girls that will have that little eclair creaming.  Welcome to the Sexual Humiliation Games!

Sexual Humiliation Games: Small Penis Humiliation Webcam

My Favorite pass time is to show off my wonderful body while doing small penis humiliation webcam. Laying my tight tone body back in nothing but my panties against the smooth chair make’s me feel like a queen. The Phone Sex Queen of the small cocks that will do whatever I wish them to do.  I love to sit there and slowly open my legs so they can gaze upon the thing they could never touch. Watching the comments flood in about how sexy I am gives me such a rush.

When I know that their tiny little cocks are getting hard I tell them to remove their hands for me. Slowly pulling my legs up simultaneously reaching down I give a wink and start rubbing my little pussy through my panties. I like to make them watch me cum. As soon as my panties are soaked I get flooded with pleading messages to let them cum. I never do its part of the game. They worship me like the Webcam queen I am and they get the satisfaction of watching a sexy girl take control and remind them how worthless they are.

Sexual Humiliation Games: Small Penis Humiliation Girlfriend

Being a Small Penis Humilation Girlfriend is the best! I love to wear sexy little outfits to cuck and torment my tiny cocked boyfriend. My Favorite is the maid outfit, the fishnet thighs are so sexy and I know it makes that small cocked loser boyfriend of mine hard as a rock.  Tonight there is an extra special treat for Tiny Tim.  He and his nipple dick are going into the cock cage tonight and I am gonna dress him up so pretty!

I laid out the perfect outfit for him. Beautiful white lace panties to go over my favorite cock cage I prefer. I love the cock cage with the rod down the center. To match the cute lacy panties I have an all-white sheer teddy. As soon as he walked into the room I gave a quick smile. ” Strip down and show me your button,” I demanded

Small penis Humiliation girlfriend, let the games begin

He softly replied yes mistress and disrobed in front of me his tiny clitty getting hard already. I poped on his cage and he slid on the panties like a good little bitch he is.  Lying on the bed he crawled to his position. As usual, Tiny cock Tim belongs between my legs. My pleasure is his pleasure. I told him that perhaps if he can actually make me cum more than once I will give his little cock a quick suck. The night is young…

Sexual Humiliation Games: Small Penis Humiliation JOI

With attention to detail, I want you to hang on every word I speak to you. You’re here for the Small Penis Humiliation JOI correct.  Don’t nod your fucking head at me, use your words like a good little bitch, and correctly respond. No, not like that it is only,  Yes mistress or no mistress. Got it? Good. Now show me what you’re working with. Oh? That’s it? How pathetic. How dare you bring such an itty bitty little skin tag of a cock into my domain?  Generally speaking, I don’t play with lowly cocks as small as that.

First of all that could never fathom to please me. But, all things considered, I pity that worthless limp needle dick. Even tiny cocks need to cum once in a while. Now be a good boy and grab up that limp dick between just two fingers and stroke for me. That’s right what a good little man you are. Sexual Humiliation Games are so much fun that’s right whimper for me like a good boy. I bet that cock is throbbing and aching to cum.  I want you to slow down and stop and simultaneously rub your balls that are bigger than that needle dick. You’re gonna milk every last drop of cum from that cock.  That’s right just keep rubbing it faster and faster when you feel that edge just back down.  Meanwhile, I will consider letting you cum… or not, you never know.

I know you need Small Penis Humiliation

Did these hot mini tease’s, in particular, get that little cock dripping for me? You know we like to hear all about it and tease and torment that tiny cock even more. The Angels are so good at being bad.  These girls will have you creaming yourself so hard!