The Sexual Evolution Of The Pastors Adulteress Wife – Part I

This is about my sexual evolution and my desires. I have been here on PSK now for almost a year. When starting here, I was looking to broaden my sexual horizons, and satisfy sexual needs my straight-laced minister husband has not satisfied for many years now. Before becoming an operator here at PSK I tried to satisfy my sexual needs via online porn, but this in ways only made me more frustrated for the real feel and sexual contact I needed. Some of my favorite scenes were the family incest scenes mother son/step-son, especially scenes of interracial white stepmother, young muscular black well hung stepson scenes.

It really turned me on to watch these women my age getting gagged by these young studs with 10-12 inch cocks. It was such a turn on to watch these petite white women swallow huge loads of cum deposited down their throat by these beasts. Then to watch them get pounded by these huge cocks stretching their pussy or ass beyond belief.

Then leaving them with a dripping creampie for their cuckold husband or boyfriend to clean up left my pussy dripping and more unsatisfied.

It got so bad, I did something, I never thought I would. I, the preacher’s wife, drove to a town just off the interstate 100 miles from my home. Hopefully, I would not be noticed I went to an adult movie and toy shop to buy the biggest blackest dildo I could find. The store sign was visible from the interstate, but to actually get to the store you had to drive through a seedy rough area. That area backed up against the interstate. I do not really know what I was thinking that day when I left the house. Maybe, I thought I would drive over, run in, get what I wanted, and just leave quickly not being noticed.

That’s when I threw on this spaghetti strapped sundress not putting on a bra or panties.

That was pretty common for me hanging around the house on a daily basis. So, I drove through this area trying to get to the adult store. I noticed there are street prostitutes doing business flagging down cars. There is a convenience store with drug dealers hanging around drinking. This actually looked to be the roughest part of town. I could not imagine anything rougher. I found the store, which actually had a fairly small parking lot for it’s off the interstate location. There was parking in front of the store which was full, and a driveway with parking behind the store. There was an eight-foot sheet metal fence around the back parking area I would assume to maintain customer privacy.

So, I parked to the far right of the lot between a step van on the left. The fence on the right just behind the store. I entered the store from the rear entrance, which took you into a hall where all the private video booths were. Just as you walked in, there was a hall to the immediate right. This guy was jerking his cock watching a woman get fucked through a glory hole by a guy in the next booth. Just then, he saw me glance down the hall at him, and flicked his tongue at me and smiled. Then, I quickly turned and walked real fast into the store area.

The store was your typical adult movie and toy shop.

Movie titles on different shelves, and then their toy selection in showcases, and boxes near the register. It was amazing the variety and thought the process that went into developing these adult toys. Of course, I looked through the cases and saw what was the Black Anaconda. Which was a 12-inch black cock with balls, and fairly big around. I purchased that, and a small Jack Rabbit vibrator, and proceeded to leave. To be continued with more of my sexual evolution.

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