I Had Sex with Him Again

 I had sex with Jack.  If you follow my blog then you know all about Jack and I.  We were being good.  We were trying to keep our distance from each other.  I think that just made the need for us to have one another, even more, stronger than before.  I kind of think that it is starting to feel more emotional.  Before it was just sex.  At least fifteen times a day I pick up my cell and write out this whole text message to him and then delete it.  Never sending it.  I know never to get emotionally involved with a married man.  There is just something about Jack that makes him so irresistible.   He really does give me butterflies in my stomach.  I can’t get this man out of my mind.  He is clogging my brain! I am totally into him.

I decided to go back to the office.  It was like around eighty thirty at night I believe.  I was just laying around the house missing Jack.  So I thought why not go get some work done to help me keep my mind off him.   When I got to the office.  I saw the light in the back was on.  To my surprise, Jack was there.  I knew that had to be fate.  He was just as shocked as I was.  I told him I just needed to get caught up on some work.  He apparently had to do the same.   We stood there quietly only the sound of the radio was playing.

 I turned around to put my drink on my desk when I felt his hands grab my hips and gently pull me back to him.

 I just let my body go limp as he softly pressed his lips to the back of my neck.  Closed my eyes and led his hand up to my tender breast.  I started grinding my ass up against his cock.  Feeling his cock get hard for me really made my pussy go wild.  He lifted me up and sat me on my desk.

He unbuttoned my blouse and gently caressed my tender nipples.  His cock throbbing on the inside of his pants was tickling my clit making my body tremble with pleasure.  When he reached my pussy with his tongue I was in complete ecstasy.  He took his time really enjoying the flavors my pussy spit at him.   My pussy was so wet, cream was dripping down the crack of my ass.

He stood up and leaned me back on my desk.  He unzipped his pants and stuck his cock deep into my cum hole.  So he just held it in there hard and deep as he kissed me.  Teasing my tongue with his.  Gently nibbling on my nipples.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I needed to feel the cock penetrate me.  Then I started rocking my pussy back and forth working that cock.   He asked me to take it easy because he was about to cum but so was I.  I pressed my pussy against him as hard as I could, fucking him cumming over and over again.  Making my pussy tighter around his cock leaving him no time to pull out.

 He took one good hard thrust and shot his load all up in my pussy.

This round of sex seemed to be more intimate.  It felt as if there were a lot of emotions running wild.  The way we took our time.  The sensuality of the sex is just in general.  I don’t think it was sex this time to be honest with you.  I think we were actually making love.  We didn’t just get up and put our clothes back on and head back to work.  We actually cuddled under my desk, holding on to each other like it was the last time we would ever see one other again.  I don’t know.  I think I have fallen in love with this guy.    Now, what do I do?  After all, he is married!

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