Sex Slave Training Cougar Style

Sex Slave training, or learning to be used over and over in every fuckhole is so rewarding. Anyone who said you can’t teach an old slut new tricks should have been at my condo when Sir came through to train me. I have always had a love of performing like a filthy whore. Where there is a cock, there is a way . Pleasing every dick I could my whole life was just the beginning. Apparently Sir wanted me trained as a true  sex slave. He thought my attitude needed adjusting.

I love to chase cocks and tell them how to fuck me until I cum over and over. I learned that I am the recipient of the cock, and as a sex slave my job is to do nothing else but suck and fuck when I am told in every position I am told. Sir thought cougars were too in charge, and thinking of myself was selfish and counterproductive.  My heart raced as he came in and sat down. He’s a boyfriend of one of my very submissive friends. He wanted me to strip naked and get on all fours.

He told me that all three fuckholes are to be on display this way. ONLY this way.

I was at perfect cock worship position, as well as having a submissive, slave-like posturing. I could crawl, never ever walk unless instructed and only answer questions with “yes Sir”. I’d lose all of my decision-making and free will in exchange for the best sex of my life. As a cougar, I have had a lot of nasty sex. He assured me that complete subservience is where my pussy would drip and squirt every day. I felt my hungry cunt get soaked as he told me the rules. He could tell and came over to check me with his fingers. He told me to get ready to serve cocks and be a set of satisfying holes. Sir liked my huge tits and said it would be another way to get dicks off.

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