You wish you were pitiful enough to “star” in my sex slave stories.

Of course, the REAL star in all my sex slave stories is me: your perfect Mistress, your almighty Goddess. Do you dream of cumming to worship (and, more importantly, serve) at my altar? Better get in line, bitch.

Our femdom roleplay point of departure could be anywhere and you (and I) could play anyone. I have no limits and no taboos. Can you handle my hardcore, kinky imagination?

No matter where we begin, all roads lead to your complete and total submission. I am strong, powerful, gorgeous, a vision better than your best dreams. No woman makes you weak like I do . . . and you do filthy things you do for me you’d never do for ANYONE else. Well, that’s what you’ll whimper as I use (and abuse) you, anyway. Hard to trust a worthless cum dumpster, though!

The weaker I make you, the dirtier we’ll get. Curious what it feels like for a woman to fuck you senseless? I can’t wait to introduce you to the joy that is strapon phone sex, my pretty little slut. Cum on now, no need to be shy.

The best phone sex dominatrixes are those who push limits — both a caller’s limits and their own. Nothing beats the post-phonesex coitus rush after a call where shit just got WILD. I’ll take our call as far as you’ll let me (i.e., as far as Mistress TELLS you it’s going to go). And you’re not going to cum until we’ve tread far past what you thought was your “point of no return.”

Sex slave stories are best (and nastiest) when collaborations. I’m sitting here in my (dirty) thinking chair right now, phone in hand. Where are you?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke