The first thing I did at my new house this week: take some nasty sex pics with my girlfriend.

What better way to break into my brand new house than take some filthy sex pics? It certainly breaks up the monotony of moving! Last weekend I dusted off one of my old video cameras to snap some candid shots of me and my girlfriend having sex.

If I had two dollars a minute for every time I wished I was on the phone while having sex with her . . . well, lez just say that’s one of my real fantasies. Unfortunately, she’s kind of a prude in the streets (but a freak in the sheets). I knew she’d never consent to me taking pictures or video during one of our all-night sex marathons, so I decided to set up a hidden camera. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right?

Maybe it’s wrong, but setting up the camera before she came over got me really wet. I’m kind of an exhibitionist. Knowing I have an audience (and knowing I’m putting on a good show) turns me on. I guided her towards the spot on the bed I knew was perfectly in the frame. How did I know that you ask? Well, because I’d just finished white balancing and focusing the lens of course!

I pulled her down on top of me and started kissing her deeply, wrapping my legs around her. She loves play wrestling, so she moaned with delight as I quickly flipped her underneath me. My cunt felt electric, already dripping in anticipation of rubbing it against hers. She spread her legs wide, inviting me to unzip her jeans and slide my fingers inside her.


Mention this blog when you set up our hot phone sex call and I’ll send you the other sex pics I took that night!

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