Sex pics have landed me in hot water a time or two but never like it did with my brother.

Sex pics were and are my thing. I guess I like to keep them as trophies. Nothing like seeing all the hot cock/pussy you’ve fucked.

I had been hooking up with my brother best friend for a short time. We kept it secret that we were strictly hook up buddies. When we couldn’t fuck, we had hot phone sex. Jimmy loved to jerk off while I described how I was touching my pussy.

One night I was looking through the pictures I had taken with my vintage Polaroid camera. My parents had called me to come upstairs for dinner and I tossed the pictures back into the box. Stupid me, I didn’t hide the box, instead, I left it on my bed.

When I finished up dinner I went back to my room to find the box was missing. Panic filled me and spread through my body like a wildfire. I looked everywhere for them to no avail. As I was on all fours looking under my bed my brother walked in and closed the door.

Andrew dropped the box of sex pics on the floor in front of me. This was bad but maybe I’d get away with just doing his chores. “You little fucking slut. You know I could hear you on the phone at night. Figured you were one of those phone sex hotline girls and then I found these on your bed.” Andrew said as he touched the box with his toe.

“Are you gonna tell on me? I’ll do whatever you want just, please don’t tell mom and dad about the sex pics, I’m already on thin ice with them.” I begged.

Andrew started undoing the front of his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. I started to back away in shock but he grabbed the back of my head and told me I better get to work or he would show everyone at school the pictures and our parents.

I was scared he would tell, I mean if he was willing to pull his cock out and demand I suck him off I figured he must be serious about telling on me.

My lips wrapped around him and I worked my blowjob skills with my eyes tightly closed. There was no way I wanted to see his face. Andrew pulled my mouth away and bent me over the bed. This was really happening, he pulled my jeans and panties down with one hand.

His other hand was on the back of my neck pinning me down as he thrust his cock into my pussy. My brother was no lover, his seed spilled into me within seconds of entering me. Once he was done he said, “Clean yourself up whore and you can forget about Jimmy.”

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Taboo Alyson