Interesting and Odd International Sex Laws from Other Countries

As I had said before. I find it interesting what people will demand to be a law. And the fact of the matter is, the tradition of creating these weird sex laws is not limited to just our fair country. Oh no, seems we’ve taken on the tradition of putting the oddest of beliefs into law from international sex laws from around the world.

Start Your Engines

Let’s take England for example. I think we can all agree that motorcycles are pretty sexy. The adrenaline rush can get seriously get both your and your partner’s motors running if you know what I mean, lol. But be careful where you park that bike. You see in London they have a sex law that states that having sex on a parked motorcycle is illegal. Of course, this raises the question, is sex on a moving motorcycle legal?

Three-Way No-Way

Now if you’re like me, and the idea of having a taboo three-way between a mom, her daughter, and a guy gets those juices pumping, then you might want to steer clear of the city of Santa Cruz in Bolivia.  That’s right – no family group sex for you! You see, within the city limits of Santa Cruz, it is illegal for a man to engage in any sexual relations with a woman and that woman’s daughter at the same time. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but this international sex law aims to try to dissuade any unnecessary familial strife. Seems they don’t like catfights within the family.

There are International Sex Laws that I can get behind, though. Case in point.

Confucius Say No Hanky Panky

Ah Hong Kong, I have a new respect for you. There they have a girl’s best friend (or at least a WIFE’S best friend) in the way of international sex laws. You see in Hong Kong, a wife who catches her husband cheating is allowed to legally kill her cheating husband. But here’s the catch – she can do so, but only with her bare hands. I actually like that. The crime seems to scream for up-and-personal retribution, so you go girl!

The woman with who the husband was having the extramarital tryst? Well, she may fair even worse because of the adultery. The scorned wife may kill the husband’s lover in any which way the wife sees fit (knife, gun, decapitation, eaten alive by starving rats). In light of this most interesting sex law, I would try and abstain from such activities (or at least not get caught!) while visiting this treasure of the Orient.

In conclusion, I hope you were amused by my musings on sex laws from around the world (there were some sex laws that made even me shudder, lol).

Ya know, I like being a renegade. How ’bout you? I say we become international law-breakers together!

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