Sex games that will leave you begging for more

I love playing sex games. They are hot, nasty and add some spice and laughs to my bedroom adventures. Here are some sex games that will get you hard and leave you begging for more.

  1. Cock Hero- One of the best sex games on the planet! If you like edging as much as I do, you will love Cock Hero. It’s a simple game with a lot of really hot videos to go with it. Cock Hero videos are filled with super hot porn and I love making guys stroke to the different beast and speeds. I love this game because it makes edging more intense. I love to kiss and tease while you’re stroking to the beat of a Cock Hero video. Give me a call tonight and let’s find out how long you’ll last.
  2. Coin Flip- Are you feeling lucky tonight? Good, then get ready to play. In this sex game, we flip a coin to see which one of us is allowed to get off tonight. Sounds simple right? Silly boy, sex games are never that easy. If you lose the coin toss, prepare for a night (and sometimes an entire day) of cock teasing and denial. This is one of my favorite sex games because it gives us infinite ways to tease and modify the game. My favorite versions of this game involve blindfolds, lube and plenty of sex toys. So, are you ready to play?
  3. Red Light, Green Light- The classic playground game gets a sexy twist tonight. The rules are simple when the light is green, we are allowed to indulge in some sexual stimulation. When the light is red we have to stop. This game is a test of how long we can last before we can’t resist the urge to go crazy on each other.

Are there any sex games that you like to play?

Give me a call and let’s explore some kinky sex games together. I’m the taboo phone sex operator that loves role play and kinky sex games. When you call my phonesex hotline nothing is off limits. I want to explore all of your desires and turn them into a reality. Remember, on my adult chat line our only limits are your imagination.

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