My Favorite Sex Game – I’m sure you are familiar with – Tease and Denial! I want you to sing me the song “Sit On My Face” and tell me all the wonderful things you want to do to me. I know you are familiar with the sex game of tease and denial. It’s every man’s dream come true when playing with me. My pussy twitches with pure delight at the very thought of smothering a man’s or even a woman’s face with my sweetheart ass and luscious pussy. Don’t you want it? Let the sex game begin. You want it –cum and get!

William couldn’t wait to get into my pretty lace panties. He would always say “When and Where?” My panties were already drenched in my savory pussy juices. He wanted more. He could never resist me, as I teased him at first. “Please Raven just a taste,” I couldn’t help myself. I whispered in his ear “How bad do you want a taste?”

I wanted him to start at the tip of my stilettos and work his tongue up my silky stockings. His tongue and his lips kissing from side to side, as he made his way up my creamy thighs. Worshipping every inch of me, til I couldn’t deny his my ass and pussy. There is nothing better than the smell of a woman’s ass. Are you getting as worked up, as I was making William? Just the thought is turning you on! My sex game of tease and denial is just beginning for William.

William knew my ass and cunt were the sweetest he had ever tasted. Once I slipped my ass and pussy on to his face, there was no turning back. Licking and tasting every inch of me. Yes, he was driving me insane, but I didn’t want him to stop. It was all about me and his gratification was the honor of getting a taste of me. Yes, I teased him and denied him the pleasure of cumming for a very long time. He enjoyed when I would edge him to the point of no return and no let him cum till I had my fill of orgasms.

Are you ready to enter my playground and play the sex game of tease and denial? No one is permitted to enter without my permission. Your breathing will grow stronger, as you stroke your cock to the sound of my sultry voice. You beg to touch your throbbing cock. “Grab your cock and stroke it for me!” as I whisper in your ear, as your Jerk Off Instruction to begins. Describing to you how my creamy thighs quiver, as your tongue plunges deep inside my holes. You can taste me. I know you want me. Your tongue slips inside of my slit, as you make strong little circles around my clit. My breathing quickens, as my sexy legs start to tremble. Between moans of pleasure, I instruct you to stroke your cock faster for me and I allow you to cum.

Your explosion will have an epic ending, as we explore all our kinky sex game.

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