I grew up back woods.  Pretty sheltered.  Didn’t really have much experience with any craziness.  Went to Church on Sundays.  We had a younger Preacher.  I would say at the time he was in is mid thirties.  A very handsome man he was.  He definitely made my pussy tingle at a very young age.

One summer he did a slumber party for Church group.  It was for boys and girls.  Our Preacher was the only chaperone over like ten of us kids.  It was fun he had ordered pizza’s.  We had a punch bowl. The punch did taste a little different from how my mom had made it. 

Everyone started acting really silly and slurring their words.  Walking side ways and what not.  The Preacher came over to me and asked me if I was having a good time.  Then he handed me a little round pill with a taz on it and told me to take it.  It was a vitamin to help me stay up later.

The whole night the Preacher stood by my.  Getting closer and closer to me. It was a little weird because after a while my body was being drawn towards him.  I felt hot, everything was making me tingle all over.  I took my shirt off, I still had my tank on but it was still to hot in there.  All the lights looked amazing flashing around.   Most all of youth group were making out groping each other.

Suddenly, from behind, I felt two giant hands grab a hold of my blossoming tits shooting fire through my body.  I had never felt anything like that in my life. Preacher man was making me feel incredible.  Then, I felt his fingers slide right up my skirt and under my panties.  My head was so clogged with pleasure, I did not care I wanted so much more!  He ripped my skirt off and jammed his fat cock  deep inside me.  I swear every time he pumped me I creamed all over his cock.

I could hear him moaning, and praising God and Jesus.  I could not believe how he fucked me so hard he brought up off the floor as he came inside my tight pussy.

I was the only one who remembered what really happened at that slumber party.   I was so happy when I found out the Preacher was going to do that once a month.

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