Sex Emporium

A cum smelling Sex shop… Leaving my slut to enjoy the large collection of Black Cock Whore porn. I approached the girl at the till, wondering what made her work in such a place, wondering if she too was a dirty perverted slut. “Hello there, I was wondering where we go to watch the films?” I asked, pointing to my slut, engrossed now in a magazine, quite obviously aroused, grinding her thighs together.

A knowing smile crossing her lips.

She pointed back towards the darker end of the shop away from us. “Far left corner, just follow the signs,” she grinned, eyes flicking between me and my slut. “Ten pounds each, spend as long as you want up there. It’s not full, but you won’t be alone,” she said with an obvious question hanging in the air, her eyebrow raised a little. “That’s fine, thanks a lot,” I replied, handing over the money, answering her unasked question with my smile.

“Well have fun,” she giggled,

“I know your girlfriend will.” I re-assessed my opinion about the attractive girl on the till. Knowing now that she was far from an innocent. I wondered how much time she had spent in the private cinema herself. And how much of the shop’s stock she had personally enjoyed. Taking the tokens from her manicured fingers. I dragged my slut away from her browsing, pulling her toward the back of the sex shop. “Where are we going master?” she asked, face flushed with her excitement. Knowing I had something planned for her.

“Upstairs, we’re going to watch a film,”

I told her, holding the door open for her, playing the gentleman. As she passed, I reached out to unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse, revealing more of her creamy white breasts. Reaching the top of the stairs. I handed my tokens over to an old man sitting beside the doors to the cinema area, reading a book in his boredom. Though I couldn’t see anything through the dirty glass of the doors,

I pushed on in.

My eyes not making much out in the darkness, with only the images on the screen lighting the room. “Let’s go near the front,” I suggested, wanting to sit where all could see us. And where the screen’s illumination would reach us that much better. We edged around the room, allowing me to mentally tot up the number of men sitting in the discreet cinema. As we took our seats on the front row, I leaned forward to whisper,

“Nearly twenty perverts in here.”

Knowing how much that number would scare and excite her. In comparison to the cool evening, the room was overly warm and humid, smelling a little of sweat. And possibly, if it wasn’t my imagination, the slightly acrid smell of sperm. I looked over to my slut. Her cheeks still a little flushed, her eyes now taking in the scene unfolding on the screen. Taking her prompt, I let myself watch the film for a little while. And was pleasantly surprised by the hardcore nature of the onscreen sex. An impossibly busty blond model was being fucked very hard by two obviously very well-hung black guys. They were pumping her cunt and arse with their dark meat.

I watched my cum slut as I slowly …

unbuttoned the remaining fastenings of her shirt. Letting her top fall open, revealing her hard nipples. Her chest rising and falling as her breathing deepened with her growing humiliation and excitement. I looked around, trying to see if anyone else had noticed the show she was putting on. Her white skin seeming to glow with the reflected light shining on it. “The men are looking at your tits, that’s very good, and they want you slut. Now take off your skirt.

Show us your whore’s cunt.”

I ordered, letting my voice get a little louder. So anyone close could hear, even if they couldn’t quite see what was happening in front of them. With a little whimper, she obeyed. Lifting her bottom so she could slide her skirt down her legs, letting it drop on the dirty floor. She was sitting there completely naked. I drank in her sluttish beauty. I love how she is sitting there letting me show her off in such a public place. Knowing full well how it could soon turn into a nasty perverted gang bang.

“Play with yourself slut, show me how much you are mine,”

I urged, now wanting the dirty show to start before me right away. “Yes master,” she stammered back, eyes fixed on mine, ignoring her surroundings.

She started to explore herself. Sliding her fingers down her neck, spreading to cup her own breasts. Squeezing them up and together. Then rolling her nipples between her fingers. Squeezing them for me, so they grew hard. Almost pushing them out towards me, reaching for their master. Throwing her head back, giving herself to the sensations and the act of showing herself to her master.

My slut opened her legs,

throwing them over the arms of the chair. Bringing her bum forward on the chair to expose herself to me completely. Showing off the end of the butt plug that still protruded from her. Breathing deeper, she slid her fingers down to her pussy. One hand spreading her outer lips open, revealing the wetness inside. Catching some movement in my peripheral vision. I tore my eyes away from my less than private show. And was rewarded by a gathering group of admirers,

their eyes transfixed on my slut fingering herself.

More men slid from their seats, to move closer. Taking up positions in a semi-circle around us. Necks craning to see more naked flesh, the hot sex on the screen almost forgotten. Knowing that most of the watchers would still keep a safe distance. And watch without some encouragement from me. I slid in front of my slut and took a surprise from my pocket.

Two pairs of padded handcuffs.

I had prepared two steel pairs of cuffs by wrapping them in satin ribbon. To ease any bruising my slut might inflict on herself as she pulled against her bonds. The cuffs weren’t for her hands though, oh no, she would need those to service the many cocks I hoped would be presented to her. Catching her unaware. I pushed her legs as wide as I could. And bound them to the metal of the arm supports, holding her completely open and vulnerable.

Her eyes flickered open, and viewing her compromising position, smiled with excitement. Knowing her master would protect her, yet ensure her limits would be taken to the edge.

“Move your hands out of the way slut,

I want to taste that pussy,” I commanded, dropping to my knees to begin orally worshiping her pussy. Knowing that others eyes were now on her, my slut sucked on her fingers. Tasting herself, giving a dirty show for the onlookers. I could feel her heat radiating from her soaking wet pussy. Juices already pooling on her chair. Knowing there was no need for a slow start. I rammed my tongue deep inside. Brutally tongue fucking her fuck hole, hearing her moan and writhe against her shackles.

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