Christmas is coming and coming fast. All my shopping is done and the decorations are up. My home is glowing with bright lights and candles. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Giving my family gifts and seeing the joy on their faces makes my heart happy. Above all, this year, I am going to give Santa a Sensual Seduction Surprise and see the joy on his face!

The skills I have are unlike any other. I love sensuality and sexual adventure. Using materials and toys, I seduce men and have them bowing down to worship me. Furthermore, they become my willing servants, begging to be my submissive little pets. Once they are with me and experiencing orgasms like never before, they only want this sexy goddess.

Hence, I have decided to show Santa some love with a sensual seduction surprise.

I am a naughty girl and I know he has me on that damn list for all the fun I am having. The naughty list is for all of us that like to venture into sexual debauchery. Or so, that is what the normal people tell us. I don’t believe that myself. Furthermore, I believe Santa is as naughty as we are and loves to fuck. He is going to love my sensual seduction surprise.

Above all, I am bringing out my big guns for him. Therefore, I am laying out my best lingerie and favorite toys. Of course, if he is lucky, I am going to blow his mind with my Sensual Blowjob.  I also have cookies ready for him afterward. He does love his cookies and milk. I am rewarding him for being a good boy for me. Once he is having the best climax ever, he is going to pull out some amazing gifts for me.



I have complete faith in my skills and the pleasure I am bringing Santa!

Finally, the night is here and I am giddy with excitement. I have the room set up, my toys all out for the fun. The lingerie I have on is satin and lace, red of course since it is his favorite color. My stockings are french and silk. Oh, I hear his sleigh on the roof, he will be coming down that chimney any minute. Here he comes!

As he lands, he is staring at me with shock. He doesn’t hesitate to climb out of the chimney with his bag. “Brittany, why are you waiting for me? You know you are not supposed to be here right now.” I am quickly explaining why and what I have in store for us tonight. He is smiling from ear to ear and loving the idea of my sensual seduction surprise.

I am so happy that he is ready to play!

Once he is sitting on the couch, I happily climb onto his lap. Using my soft hands I start exploring his body. Running the fingers through his hair and beard, he moans and closes his eyes, enjoying my touch. Slowly, I am undressing him. He is a jolly, fat man and I am loving his rotund body. Finally, I am to the last of his clothes and pulling out his cock.

Oh, my, it is a nice dick too! Long and thick with a big bulbous head. Wrapping my hand around it, I hear him sigh with pleasure. Stroking that cock, I get it hard quickly. Sliding off my stockings, I rub them over his cock and balls. Before he knows it, I am wrapping one of the stockings around his hands. He is chuckling and saying he is happy to see I am as naughty as he thought.

Then, I have Santa on his knees, begging to taste my tight pussy.

I lift my leg and put it over his shoulder. He buries his face between my legs and his beard is tickling me. Santa has mad skills and has me squirting in no time. My juices are all over his face and in his beard. As we are kissing, I am licking them off his face. Taking the other stocking, I tie it around his cock and balls. He is loving it too!

Using my satin lingerie, explore his body. He is moaning non-stop now. Taking one of my favorite dildos, I am sliding it in his ass. That is very nice, he says. Tell me Santa, do you enjoy tease and denial? Curious to know what happened next? Call me to find out how nasty Santa is. My fetish phone sex will rock your world.