Sensual GFE Love Letters are written with the intention of publically showcasing my feelings.

The idea of having a real and authentic Sensual GFE is very sexy to me. Having me curl up with you to understand and appreciate the things that are important to you is like my favorite thing. It comes from a strong desire to enrich the human experience with the people I am in a relationship with. The way we can share ideas and dreams together on top of the best phone sex is so exciting. Our two imaginations can create something beyond sexy and explosive together.

Nothing on earth or any realm can cause you harm because you are resting here with me. Lay with me your  Sensual GFE and confess your troubles so that I may hold them until the vigor returns to your powerful wings. Wrap yourself around me in your own protective cloak because I too need to melt into the one I trust. There is tremendous pleasure pulsing through my body when I hear the beautiful sound of your smile. Feeling your touch and listening to the song your heart plays for my ears only. Let us indulge in where we can be anyone or thing that fills us with lustful adventure. I have so many dreams of being filled up completely by you in a different form.

Watch my transformation as I become each and every fantasy that hardens your cock and shortens your breath. I want to be your everything because in our vortex of immense expression we are in perfect alignment. Thinking of all the little details for your big dick to throb too. Sucking soft and deep until my throat takes over and starts to swallow. I can tell you love the feeling of my wet warm throat closing up around your cock.

Experiencing that feeling of firm squish forming around you while my Sensual GFE mouth waters.

The way I give you Oral Phone Sex is done with all the love and attention you need. Let me suck the stress from your tip because savoring every drop coats my throat. Taking my time and loving the art of the tease I have perfected. Look into my wanting eyes and see the hunger for your load. Seeing how bad I want it, your balls tighten. Reaching up to take those heavy tight balls into my hand makes this GFE Phone Sex even hotter. Cupping and rubbing your balls before I turn my head to the side and ease off your cock to suck. When I can tell your dick is ready to explode I back off just a bit.

Edging you along a little bit longer shows you who’s in charge. Laying you back on the bed and lifting your legs back so I can get at all of you. You don’t ask often but I know how much you love a good rim job. Soon I’ll be putting on a total show for you, but until then I’m going to lick your ass till you beg me to let you cum.

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