Are you one of the many that are curious about bisexuality? It is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, in this day and age, you should be owning it with pride. Of course, if you are an old school gentleman the world has been training against it since your youth. I am an open-minded girl, ready to help you. My sensual domme forced bi playtime will help you.

I want to hear all about your curiosity. How old were you when it started, have you ventured into this world at all, what are your fears and worries. Together we are going to smash them and let you be you. Tell me your deepest secrets and fantasies. Above all, nothing is too much for this Sensual Domination Phone Sex operator!

During my sensual domme forced bi sessions, I will make sure you are enjoying yourself.

You must be completely honest with me from the start. This is how we can bond, making the most of our time together. Furthermore, you are learning to trust me during this time. Trust is imperative in our relationship. I will have lots of questions as we are starting our fun. Additionally, be completely open and honest so that we are moving forward with every session.

I am not a judgmental woman, all that you are sharing is staying with me. Now, some of the fun with our sessions can be my erotic FemDom Sensual Pegging. It is a nice way to edge into any bisexual activity. First, I am an exquisite beauty with a cock when I am wearing my strapon. And second, we are going slowly so you can adjust as I am entering you.



Trust me, once you are climaxing with me inside you, you will never go back.

Every man I am pegging is officially hooked on this foxy goddess. They all come back time and time again for my big beautiful strapons. One of the best things about me pegging you, your brain is adjusting easier to a woman fucking you to start. You and I can spend lots of time getting prepared for the real thing.

Furthermore, forced bi fun can be with me for a long time. There is no rush unless you are in a hurry to have a real cock in your man pussy. If you are, then don’t let me stop you. We can have one of my sexy friends over and you can leap right into Sensual Domme Forced Bi. I love a little cuckold to start the fun. You watch as I am getting mine, then you clean me up.

Once you have the taste of cum, you are ready for more.

My friend will need cleaning up too. So go on, get down your knees, and take his nice dick into your mouth. Start licking from the base of his shaft to the tip of his cock. Of course, I want to see you sucking that cock like a pro. If he is getting into your blowjob, he will begin face fucking you like a little bitch.

Oh, you are good at that. The first time, huh? Sure it is baby. Now, start undressing and stroking your dick as you are sucking his. Very good. Next, you are going to lay on your back for me. I am going to sit on your face and let you eat me. As you are doing that, my friend is going to start sucking on your cock.

Doesn’t that feel amazing?

I know you are going to love his long tongue venturing into your tight little man pussy. I hear that stifled moan, let it all out. Enjoying all the new experiences we are giving you. Now, he is going to go slowly and let you open up as he is entering you. I need you to relax as he goes deeper. Just focus on my pussy and how good he feels delving into that ass.

Honestly, I don’t feel as though I’ve had to force you much. Most of my Sensual Domme Forced Bi sessions require a lot of commands from me. Men that are so afraid, they let me beat them with my stockings. Of course, they may be doing it on purpose for that pleasurable act. Oh, those naughty men!