Send Nudes For The Holidays

Nude pics can get any budding relationship to rise and climax in a matter of seconds.  That’s why I love sending them.  Nudes say so much, don’t you think? It’s not a one-liner, either.  Nudes can send vibes of passion, flirtatious teasing, or passive sexual undertones.

The nude pic is the best way to a man’s heart because men eat with their eyes first and their tongues second.  I know that if you want to eat my pussy, you want to see it first.  Don’t hide it; all men want women to send nudes!

Choosing the Perfect Nude Pics

Choosing the right nude to send can be daunting for a woman, so I am sure you would not be surprised to find out that we take hundreds before hitting that send button.  After all, we take forever and a year to pick a profile photo.  Choosing a pic to send the right message is hard fucking work.

We have so many options. From colors of panties to angles and backgrounds, bitches love to get creative with their pussy pics! Sending nudes is a big event for some ladies, even if you don’t think it is.  I guarantee you there was a shit ton of thought that went into that nude you received.

Trashy or Classy

Seriously, not knowing which way to go can make me lose my mind.  A bunch of boudoir pics give a more sensual feel, but raunchy pics get to the point. That point being: “I want to fuck”.

Knowing all this means one extreme to the other, leaving gals like me wondering what a good in-between is.  Can a lady still be wife material after sending out nude pics? The obvious answer is yes, but I also wonder how it affects men, gentlemen, and sissy cuckolds.

I feel each group would see this differently, but I also bet each of them looks at nudes daily- like me. What?  I like porn, too!  Sirena loves getting quality, fat cock pics.

I wonder how you would feel if she sent these pics to other men.  Some, I am sure, would see it as an ego boost, while others would get jealous.  I can see it going either way, but sending nude pics with my husband next to me makes it feel like prime pussy gushing season.  There is a whole blog on me sexting while fucking my husband.  I can tell you it is 100% true and turned both of us on.  Fuck, I miss college.

Never Cover It Up

Using nude pics to spice up a relationship is the ultimate distance mind-fuck, and I live for it!  But I want to hear from you- Male or lesbian perspective.  What are your favorite nudes to receive, and do you have any that you hate?

Feel free to email me OR call me.  We can have some hot phone sex after comparing notes on how to send nudes!

​ Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke