The Seduction of my Husbands Boss Part 2

Hot steamy Seduction, no limits Hot Phone Sex, from the best!! Chloe will leave you begging for more.

He said “Chloe, your seduction tactics may work on other guys! But they won’t work on me.” That’s when I decided ok I’m going to have to tie this fucker up till he is begging me to shove his rock hard beaver basher, into my tight little cum bucket. So I grabbed some rope and tied his hands behind his back. Then I unbuckled his belt and stripped it off, along with his pants.

I could tell he really liked the fact that he was completely helpless at this point. He was starting to relax and he had his eyes open watching my every move. ” Call me your seduction queen!” I demanded. “Chloe your my seduction Queen, I’ll do whatever you say, my Queen.” Then I bent down and took just the tip of his man meat in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around his head. Tasting the ever so sweet pre-cum that had started dribbling out of him.

He started to moan softly, so I told him if he could be a good slave and listen to his new seduction Queen mistress’s every word I would untie him. He agreed he would listen and all he wanted to do was be able to touch my soft skin and grab a hold of my tight ass. I untied him and then began to take his ever-growing meat deeper and deeper into my mouth inch by inch.

He grabbed the back of my head and started to move it up and down faster and faster on his huge rock hard cock.

I smacked his hand away and told him not to do that again. I am in control not him I am his seduction queen not the other way around, and he better behave or I would tie him back up!! Then I stood up and wrapped my leg around his head putting him in a headlock with my strong thighs. I pulled him into my sweet, sweet cookie; and told him to lick it dry. He began flicking my little clit with his tongue and pushed 2 fingers inside of me, moving them in and out faster and harder. I began to moan in pleasure, I needed this so bad. But I would never let him know that.

“Oh Chloe, you’re such a naughty little whore aren’t you?” He asked.  “I’m not a fucking whore! I’m your mistress and you better fucking promise me right now you won’t ever cum for anyone but me!”

“Yes, Chloe I promise, I only want you and only you! I want my rock hard cock in your tight little cum bucket. I want you so bad it hurts, I’ll do whatever you say baby just let me in please Chloe I want you so bad…”

To be continued.. Keep watching for more. Part 3 will be available on Friday, March 10th 2017. OR call me for hot Phone Sex Chat to hear the rest of my story!