When I stepped into Doctor Matt’s office an hour ago, he had no idea that his dirty fantasy was just about to come true. And honestly, I had no idea I would overstep all boundaries and make him break the rules of his workplace. I also never would have assumed he was a secretly filthy gyno. I should have known better—that the slut in me would never allow me to be decent around a man as sexy as Doctor Matt Daniels. Besides, sucking a professional cock has a good ring to it!

Naughty Intentions

Visit the clinic. Get that coochie checked. Return home to the man I spent the night with. 

I swear, I had no plans to try to seduce the secretly filthy gyno: his undercover deviance didn’t help temptation, either way, I am glad I saw through his doctor code. But when he made me lay on the exam table with my legs in the stirrups and my pussy spread open for his perusal, a fight against my raging hormones was one I could not win. His gaze heated my tight snatch, like a whisper of warm breeze into my most delicate features. He worked his way inside of me, first with a cotton swab, and then with a speculum. My pussy throbbed and tingled, and did not attempt to hold back its juiciness.  

Reeling In a secretly filthy gyno

This surely wasn’t a sight new to the sexy doctor, yet his eyes lit up with intrigue, as though he had never seen a woman so responsive. I felt his finger digging underneath my clitoral hood, and when it brushed my clit, I moaned. My voice was a little louder than what I had gone for, but I doubted it was loud enough to make it through the door. 

When the doctor brushed my clit again, I could see how hard he was trying to fight his horniness. But his cock—the traitorous bastard I could never resist—was intent on revealing his inner turmoil to me. His cock visibly wants me, and luckily this pussy has a thing for secretly filthy gyno perverts. It tightened his pants and created a bulge too noticeable for my trained eyes to miss. 

Of what use would I be if I exited his office without giving him the gratification he deserved? It would be a shame for his cock to return to its flaccid state without the touch of a woman, so I offered to help. Once and then twice, he tried to protest. His protests were feeble. Too feeble to stop me from unbelting his pants. I mean, at this point my mouth and my cunt are begging, how much longer can he pretend to be “professional”?

Oh, How He Secretly Wanted Me

Other patients were waiting to see the doctor. That was undoubtedly the best excuse the man could come up with. At this point it is so obviously clear – he is a secretly filthy gyno. He would have turned me down harder by now if he wasn’t, right?

 I would be fast. I assured him I would make him come in three to five minutes. He found my assurance amusing but made no further attempts to dissuade me. I dropped to my feet and worked him with my hands and mouth, sucking and stroking until his moans were all over the place. 

It didn’t take long for him to realize that my promise to make him come in record time was far from unrealistic. He stood on wobbly legs and had to grab his examination table for support. That was a position he held until he spurted out his hot spunk, filling my mouth to the brim. The best part about looking up at Dr. Sexy M.D, with my mouth reeking of his cum is that my insurance is paying for it!

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