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Secretively Sucking Dick is how I make my way to the top. It is so important to me that I am the best at everything I do. I am at a job interview that technically I was not supposed to have until the receptionist made an appointment for me ahead of all the other options that wanted this same job. Of course, I am so wearing a tight outfit that is sexy yet professional. Pin skirt, thigh highs, and a white button-up blouse that is making my tits almost bust through the buttons. He is seeming hesitant like he is hesitant to give me an appointment so I simply take him around the side of his building during his lunch break and drop down to my hands and knees. My shirt comes off and I am pulling that cock deep down my throat hard, fast, and wet.

He so cums all in my mouth and I suck every drop of his sticky nut down my throat.

We go inside and sure enough, it is perfect timing for my interview with the big boss. He is so eyeing me the moment I get into his office. We are chatting and laughing and he really seems to like me. I mean even his eyes are wandering all up and down my body. As the interview is ending he lets me know that he has a bunch of people to get through before he can let me know if I got it or not. I ask him if he is sure because I can offer him what others can not. He looks at me wondering what I mean. “Secretively Sucking Dick under your table boss?” I tell him that as I smirk. He so lets me know that it would for sure make the deal of choosing me that much enticing. I think we need to drop those pants.

So why the fuck not let him get a taste of what my mouth can do since that cock is so out and ready for me!

Secretively Sucking Dick, I get in between his legs, under his desk to give him my mouth. People are cumming in and out and even another interviewer is coming in. His cock stays deep down my throat as he talks to the other person. This pre cum tastes so good. Finally, he so pops a nut right into my mouth and he tries to not let the person sitting across from him know. My mouth fills up with every bit of sticky syrup from his cock and balls. I keep sucking him and repeat the process all over again. I wonder how many loads I can get out of him while he reviews everyone wanting to work for him. Too bad they are just wasting their time though! I for sure so have the position.

This Secretively Sucking Dick position is all mine. I know I will probably get a lame ass title instead of that though. Maybe like an administrative assistant. I do not know but I am so sure it will only amount to more. Like promotions! Maybe I will get to even be his ass sniffer! I am so sure he would love to have ass sniffing sex also!

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