I love being a secretary. Well, Executive Assistant is the official title. My boss has a lot on his plate so I am his right-hand girl. They hired me initially to help him relieve stress from his everyday life. Who knew I would achieve secretary of the year within no time. The staff loves me and all that I get done.

My boss loves me and the fact that he has more time for the things he loves. Flying his plane, community service and oh yes, sex. Now he has time for sex with his wife on his lunch break and then time for sex with me in the afternoon.

He is no spring chicken either!

He just turned 62 years old. I had a huge birthday thing for him at our staff meeting that week. We had balloons, tons of decorations, a cake, and a stripper. Well, a pretend stripper. Because I had our CEO dress up as a lady of the night stripper and dance for our boss. It was hilarious. A gorgeous sequin gown and boa, with a blond wig and make-up. Everyone had so much fun.

Afterward, he pulled me into his private room, to thank me properly. He gives me a giant kiss and hugs. Then, he is opening my blouse so he can suck on my breasts. Obsessed with my tits, he loves to fondle and suck on them. Of course, I am loving the attention from him and keeping him happy is in my job description.

As he gets turned on, I earn my secretary of the year title!

Going down on my knees, I take out that nice dick of his. Using my hands first to get him hard and ready. Then I do my special tricks with my lips and tongue. The stuff that drives him to the edge. Consequently, his legs get weak as I hit all the right spots and moves for him. Sitting down so I can properly finish, he changes his mind and pulls me up.

He stands me up so that he can bend me over. Grabbing my skirt, he quickly unzips it and lets it fall to the floor. Kissing me starting at the bottom of my leg, he works up to my ass. There he pulls down my panties. Sliding his tongue along my ass crack to get me all wet. My pussy is dripping as he slides a finger in my asshole.

Damn, this is a great birthday present for both of us!

Coming to stand right behind me, he starts to rub his erect cock on my ass. Sliding it between my ass cheeks to tease me. As a result, he is rock hard and I am so wet. Spreading my ass and pussy cheeks, he rams his cock deep into my pussy. Desperate not to scream out in pleasure I bite my own hand.

Within no time we both climax with a bang. This is the most intense sex we have had and the riskiest as well. Therefore, we have to readjust ourselves and exit looking professional and together. Certainly, with my secretary of the year skills, I can get us in top notch condition. This job was just one of many that gave me the experience needed for taboo phone sex. Now, my times with hot naked moms gave me some really good stories too!

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