Secret Cuckold Fantasy – Fulfilling My Boyfriend’s Secret Desire

My boyfriend Aaron and I have a really adventurous sex life.  We go to play parties together.  We swing and swap with other couples.  He loves my job as a phone sex operator and getting me off on calls or letting callers listen to us fuck.  So when I found cuckold porn on my laptop I was admittedly surprised.  Did Aaron have a secret cuckold fantasy?

Over the next several months I paid extra close attention to his actions.  He would take pride in showing me off.  He loved shaving me and dressing me up whenever we went out but he seemed to take special care when we were going to meet another couple.  I found more cuckold porn on my laptop.  The more I looked at the clues, the more convinced I became that Aaron really did have a secret cuckold fantasy.

Planning To Make A Secret Cuckold Fantasy A Reality

At our next play party event, I pulled our close friend Andre aside.  We had seen him on several occasions at the play parties but had never actually played together.  Truth be told, I think Aaron was a little intimidated by Andre and the thought of BBC XXX.  He would make the perfect person to fulfill Aaron’s secret cuckold fantasy.  So, I went over my plan with Andre and thankfully he was on board.

We arranged things for the following Friday.  I would make Aaron think we were going out on a date, just the two of us.  He would take care to shave me and dress me, just like always.  Only, when it came time to leave, Andre would be waiting outside the door and I would leave with him instead.  I couldn’t wait!  I had secretly been wanting to be with Andre but Aaron had never expressed much interest.

Putting My Plan Into Action

Wednesday I approached Aaron with the idea of going out.  He immediately thought I meant bars and/or clubs since that was our usual night out.  I told him I wanted it to be more special.  A romantic night out, just the two of us.  He agreed and said he’d make the reservations.  The next night I went shopping and bought new lingerie and a short, slinky navy blue dress.  The dress clung to my body, had one shoulder strap, and cut daring low down my back.  My lingerie was a matching deep navy blue with tiny pink flowers sewn into the sheer material.  I finished the look off with thigh highs, a garter belt, and tall 6″ stilettos.

On Friday evening, Aaron set about his usual routine of showering me and washing my hair.  He shaved my legs and my pussy.  I told him I wanted to be completely bare tonight which surprised him, but he did as I requested.  I did my makeup while he brushed and dried my hair until it fell like silk down my back.  Then Aaron set about getting me dressed.  He was surprised at my stilettos, as I knew he didn’t like me to be taller than he was.  I encouraged him to take pictures of me throughout the night in the various stages of me getting ready.

The Time Arrives To Fulfill The Secret Cuckold Fantasy

When it finally nears 7, I ask Aaron where he made our reservations.  He gives me the name of a fancy hotel that has a ballroom for dancing in addition to an upscale restaurant.  Aaron says he hired a car to pick us up and it should be there soon.  He helps me into my stilettos and as I lean over to apply my lipstick in the mirror, I hear him taking more pics.  I can’t help but raise my dress a bit to give him a view of my ass and the garters.  We hear a honk outside and I pick up my purse as I turn towards the door.

Aaron opens the door and is surprised to see Andre leaning against the wall outside.  He is looking delicious, his skin a milky chocolate contrast in his white suit.  Aaron starts to tell him we have plans but I cut him off and lean down to kiss his cheek.  “Thanks for getting me ready baby,” I say. “Andre will appreciate your efforts.  I’ll be home soon.” With that, I pat his cheek, link my hand through Andre’s arm, and walk off to the car Aaron hired.

Going Out With My Cuckold Date

When we reach the car, Andre turns to me.  “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” he asks.  “What if it backfires and Aaron really doesn’t have a secret cuckold fantasy?”

I think about this for a minute before replying.  “No, I’m sure of it,” I reply.  “Otherwise, he wouldn’t have just let me leave with you and he’d be blowing my phone up right now.”

Andre smiles at me.  “Well then, let’s be sure to send him lots of pics throughout the evening so he doesn’t miss a thing.”

We arrive at the restaurant and have an elegant, expensive meal… charged to Aaron of course.  We followed dinner up with a few hours of dancing.  Andre offers to end the evening there but I decline.  “No,” I said.  “I want Aaron’s secret cuckold fantasy to be the real deal.  If you’re up for it, I don’t want to back down now.” Andre takes my hand without a word and returned to the hotel lobby.  He got us a room, again, charging it to Aaron.

The Final Steps Of The Evening

We took the elevator up to a very expensive suite.  I started to protest but Andre put his finger to my lips.  “Shhhh, Kass.  This is part of the fantasy.  Paying for you to have the extravagance while he sits at home and waits for you.” With that, he lowered the strap of my dress from shoulder and it slowly fell to the floor.  He kissed along my body and knelt to his knees in front of me.  He pushed me against the arm of the sofa, raised my leg over his shoulder, and began to devour my pussy.  I came instantly and he had me flipped around and bent over before the spasms had even stopped.

“Sorry Kass, this is going to be hard and fast.  I’ve wanted you way too long,” Andre said as he shoved his cock deep inside me.  He fucked me as promised and came deep inside me.  He then carried me to the bed and fucked me again, much slower this time but no less intense.  When he had filled my pussy with his cum again, he helped me get dressed.  “Hurry on home now love, Aaron has a mess to clean up.”

Returning Home After My Evening Out

When I returned home Aaron was waiting for me.  Without a word, I walked over and stood in front of him.  He looked up at me and knew just what to do.  He raised my dress, slid my thong to the side, and then began to clean my pussy of Andre’s cum with his tongue.  When he was done he carried me to the bathroom and drew me a bubble bath.  He leisurely washed me and dried me, before laying me in bed.

Once I was curled in his arms, he finally spoke.  “How did you know, Kass?  How did you know about my secret cuckold fantasy?”  I just smiled and kissed his lips.  “The better question is, why didn’t you tell me?” I replied.  Aaron confessed he was worried I would think less of him.  I reassured him and vowed to make his secret cuckold fantasy, which was no longer a secret, a reality much more often.  I snuggled closer and fell asleep in his arms.

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