How did he become part of my naughty School Girl Phone Sex fantasy?  His class is my least favorite class and he’s such a prick! The class is just straight boring.  It’s hard to get excited about it, when his lectures are so long and boring.  To top it off he grades on this impossible curve. I am really a good student and I try to pay attention and take good notes, but it’s just so freaking hard. He is attractive though, which would account for why I usually end up daydreaming about all the hot Student/Teacher Phone Sex we should be having.  I do wonder if he grades me harsh so that I’ll end up in his office on my knees begging for a better grade! Saying I will do anything to get an A.

Well this time, I had no choice but to come to his office and plead for a better grade.  I failed another quiz and got a big fat F on my term paper. There is no way I can pass this class with those 2 failing grades.  I know the naughty professor has been waiting for this, for me to come begging and pleading.  Well here I go.   I was wearing a slutty outfit from a School girl Phone Sex fantasy and I knew I had to earn that passing grade the only way I knew how. Everything was on the line, if I didn’t keep a certain average I would lose my scholarship and I can’t have that!  I am standing outside of your office 5 minutes before your office hours are over.

I knocked on the door, you invite me in.   I guess by your facial expression and the rise of your cock, I made the right choice in my naughty outfit.  Your cock is throbbing just thinking about my tight little fuck holes, so sweet and ready for a big cock to stretch them out!  I tell you all about my little dilemma and my scholarship.  I use the pouty face that will melt any man from daddy’s to boyfriends and everything in between.

“Well, I don’t want to see you lose your scholarship,” you say as you start to unbutton my blouse and massage my stiff nipples through my lace bra.  You grind your cock up against me lifting me and so that my legs wrap around your waist.  Your mouth felt so warm, suckling on my tits while carting me off to your desk.  In one swoop you remove the contents of your desk.  After removing my panties, you began devouring my pussy.  I fucked your tongue until I exploded.

The professor turns me around bending me over his desk and fingers my tight twat.  Grabbing my ass cheek and spreading them apart and sliding that cock inside of my wet walls. You hold my hips and plunge deep and hard.  It was so fucking sexy here my pussy being pounded doggy style on your desk.   My tits bouncing with every stroke as the rhythm of your stroke changes, because you’re about cum. I arched my back to receive that entire hard dick.  It felt so good, being stuffed with cock until cum is oozing out and dripping from my cunt.   “You definitely get an A.”, you say between pants as your cock still throbs inside my pussy.

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