Just Say No to Married Men Part 1

I should just say no to married men, but I don’t. Everyone always says the good men are always married or gay. I have been married and it was not that great, and the sex was boring. Maybe my husband was not interested in having wild crazy fun sex with me because he was already having wild crazy fun sex with a home wrecking little slut just like me.

I have been the other women plenty of times and I loved every minute of it. The chase is definitely much more fun. Nothing is hotter than a super hot guy; than a super hot guy wearing a wedding band. I do not want a child with this man, or to share bills with this man or to nag him. I just want to rock that cock like nobodies business. Do not want any responsibilities with this man so I get to  see he his wild side become unleashed. I love it when married men get all primal on me and man handle me because their wives hate it. I do not want him to make love to me, as I do not love him.

Love his doggy style. I want him to pick me up and fuck me against the wall or throw me into a position and pound that pussy. Flip me over grab my hair making my back arch and fuck me. When we are all finished you can go home and snuggle your damn boring wife.

Yeah, tonight I want to be some married men’s little fuck-toy for him to use and abuse anyway he wants to. He can choke me, slap me, spit on me, or do whatever he wants to me. Just use me like the home wrecker that I am.

Phone Sex Girls!