Save Water! Shower Together!

One of the things I love doing is calling over my fuck buddies for some fun. πŸ˜‰ I hopped in the shower so I could start getting ready. I tried to hurry but the warm water caused my body to be covered in goose bumps. So I thought fuck it, I am going to have a little shower fun before he gets here…

I started to caress my thighs, taking my time, teasing my body. Then when I could not take it anymore I started to rub my clit. Mmm, the warm water covered my body and I felt amazing. Little did I know, that my fuck buddy was standing in the bathroom watching me the entire time. I had forgotten that I gave him a key. πŸ˜‰

He stood there and watched me till I came. Then slipped into the shower with me. I gasped at first because he scared the shit out of me. But soon I knew what he was doing. He bent me over and started to rub his dick against my pussy. Every now and then poking his head in and out.

He was driving me crazy, so I turned around and got on my knees. Water dripped down his bodyΒ  and on to my face making it hard to see but I did not care. I started to give him head, making sure that I got him even harder than before. He grabbed my hair and made me deep throat that giant throbbing cock. Then he told me to get up, that was when I noticed it was not my fuck buddy at all. It was my brother. But before I could say anything he picked me up, shoved his cock inside of me and started to fuck me!

Well, guess my fuck buddy misses out today. When I call them over I expect them to be there as quickly as they can. Sometimes I get way too horny to wait. My brother slammed me against the shower wall over and over. I was screaming and cumming over and over. I must of came about four times before I herd the bathroom door open and a voice say, β€œMmm, I did not know I was going to have to share you today.”

My fuck buddy finally arrived and I screamed for him to join us in the shower and he did. I am so glad I keep my freaks on speed dial because when he got in the shower he took my brothers hand and made him start to jerk him off. My brother had no problem with that. Mmm, my fuck buddy got hard really quick and was dying to put his cock to good use. He stands behind my brother, spreads his legs apart a little and starts to fuck my brothers ass, and I mean fuck it hard.

We were all screaming and moaning, begging for more. We finally decided it was time to move to the bedroom and that is when things got really freaky!

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