Save Your Sperm for Mommy

This is one of my favorite blog entries and exactly what is on my mind this morning? Will you save your sperm for Mommy? Pretty Please!

One sunny Wednesday, I was heading up to clean my son’s room when I heard a moaning noise.  It sounded like he was calling for me.  Moaning my name, as if he was in pain. “Mommmmmy, Mommmmmmm…”  He was supposed to be in school, so I rushed up to see if he was alright, but when I got to the door and looked in, I was speechless.

He was kneeling on his bed, facing the wall, stroking his young, hard, cock.  But that wasn’t the (best) worst of it.  He had a glass underneath his balls filled with something creamy.  It looked like,it couldn’t be, it definitely WAS… his sperm.

I immediately asked him what he was doing, but he didn’t stop, not even for a second.  He just kept facing the wall and moaning my name.  I walked right over to him, my eyes glued to his past pubescent cock, admiring its shape, size, and total fucking hardness.  I was still speechless.

Right, when I got close to him, I noticed his eyes staring at the wall, and I look up.

 I see a picture of me from our holiday party last year.  You know the one?  The one where I had had a few too many drinks and my tits and ass were hanging out of my pretty little holiday dress.  I looked back at him.  I looked down at his cock, dripping with precum and he just says, without ever looking over to me “get the jar mommy”.  “I’m going to cum in it”

Like a good mommy would, I didn’t even hesitate when my boy needed something of me  I quickly grabbed the glass, placed it under the tip of his throbbing young cock and watched him splash a creamy load of cum into it, right in front of me.

He collapsed, exhausted on his bed, and looked up at me.  I was still somewhat in shock, and somewhat totally fucking horny. “Mommy, are you mad at me?” he asked.  A smile rushes across my face and I reach across to tenderly stroke his cock with my index finger, “of course not baby, I could never be mad at you”.  And I curl up right next to him in bed, teasing and stroking his cock with my finger.  My other hand reaching inside of my panties.

Soon realizing how wet I had become, watching my son masturbate to a picture of me, I had to know why he was cumming into a glass.

He told me to grab the glass and asked me if I would take my panties off for him.  I grabbed the jar and slid off my panties  He quickly grabbed my panties and brought them to his beautiful young nose.  He reached for my inner thigh and spread my legs open with his other hand.

“Mommy, will you masturbate for me, with my cum?”

“Of course baby”, and I reached into that jar with two fingers and got a glop of that creamy jizz and spread it all over my tight, shaved, mommy pussy.  Keeping my eye on his cock the whole time, watching it grow for me this time.  Not just walking into him already jerking it, seeing how hard it got him.  Ohhhh, it made Mommy so fucking wet.  Just as I was about ready to explode myself, he asked me, “Mommy will you drink my cum?”

“Oh fuck baby!”  He had no idea just how thirsty Mommy was for his creamy cum.  Wanna find out for yourself how Mommy answered that question?

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