The Rumors Are True

After a pretty wild party Friday night, I got an angry phone call from the boyfriend.  With my head still spinning and my hangover taking over, I heard him saying something about rumors and me acting like a whore at his friend’s house.  They had taken pictures of me in some compromising positions and we had to talk…

  I knew what he wanted to talk about.  I still had cum in my hair from the gang bang with his hot friends only a few hours prior.  My infatuation with him had long since been out of the window, so I was slightly surprised to hear such anger and passion in his voice.  He was so boring in bed and I needed something in my life to spice things up.   He couldn’t really be this shocked I had cheated on him.   Should really consider himself lucky I hadn’t dumped him a long time ago.

  With his bitter muttering in my ear, I was having flash backs from the night.  His friends were muscular, confident, and hung like fucking horses.  I remembered sitting on the floor with them standing around me forming a circle.  They used my face, fucking it so hard until my mascara ran down my cheeks.  I could taste their cum in my mouth and I felt myself getting turned on with each dirty detail my pathetic boyfriend spewed.   I liked being treated that way.

  Wanted to be used up like a fucking cum slut whore!

  There wasn’t much I could really say.  He had the pictures and he heard the rumors.  All I could say was that the rumors were true and I had to go.  As I laid in bed waiting for him to come banging on my door, I couldn’t help but slide my hands down to my pussy and relive the wild night.  Being a cum slut was so fucking HOT!