Milking The Prostate.

Did you know milking the prostate can give you an intense pleasure, but also health benefits?  It’s not just about getting off my love! Although it gives your naughty girl great pleasure to hear you moan and beg me not to stop. A slip of a finger, or a sweet vibrating toy; once you’ve experienced Roxy’s milking the prostate you’ll be wanting more!

Have you ever had, or fantasized about a prostate stimulation? Don’t be embarrassed about it! You’d probably be surprised how many men have experimented with some type of anal play or have thought about it.  The sensation from a prostate milking will make you want more! In fact, just ask my gynecologist! He always seems to accidentally slip a digit while giving me an exam. I thought it was only logical I return the favor.

In for my yearly exam, he smiled when I walked into the exam room. Not even waiting for the nurse to come in, I stripped down right there in front of him. It’s not like he’s never seen my tits and pussy before! And as normal, he apologized for the cold apparatus he was about to insert into my pussy. Rolling my eyes because this gal knew his routine. And sure enough, I felt his latex covered finger slip into my ass. I leaned up on my elbows and smiled.

My Turn Doctor

“You know doctor, I think it’s time I return the favor to you”, I smiled and his eyes grew wide like he had no idea what I was talking about.  Because I’m sure no one has ever called the pervert out on it. Pulling the speculum out of my pussy, I slid off the table. Pushing my body up against his he was too stunned to say a word. Unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down, I walked behind him and pushed him down on the table. “It’s my turn to be the pervert! I’ve hear such good things about prostate milking doctor. Let’s see if you cum as hard as some of my other milking lovers!”.

He gasped as I slipped on a little blue glove and pumped some lube onto the palm. Using my feet to spread his legs, I wiped the warm lube between his ass cheeks. I laughed under my breath as I slid two fingers into his hole. Feeling him clench, I pushed in a little further. “Just relax doctor, it will all be over soon.  Isn’t that what you always tell me?”.  I nudged my finger in a tad deeper and pushed down. I knew I had the right spot when I heard him gasp again, and then let out a moan.

A Hole New World

“See, doesn’t that feel good!  I’ve heard giving yourself a prostate massage three times a week keeps the ass doctor away.  And I’d be more than happy to stop by and work you over myself.”, I said.  His fingers dug into the exam table and he panted like a dog. Working my fingers up against the gland just like I knew how. And then I asked him if I should stop.  He begged me not to in a voice that sounded like a little girl. And then I made him get up on the table on his hands and knees.

Having the doctor in this position gave the naughty housewife the upper hand. Milking his prostate and jerking him off! The doctor rode my hand like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby! The doctor howled, cumming like he’d never had before! Slipping back on my dress I walked over to his desk. I left my panties and wrote in his appointment book. “I’ll see you Wednesday at noon”.

As I past the reception area I said to the nurse which is also his wife, “You should go check on the doctor, he’s a real mess”.  Looking concerned she jumped right up.  I should have waited to hear her scream when she saw him. Are you ready for your milking the prostate?

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