Rough sex has many levels. This is a warning that this blog about rough sex adventures and cannibal play is not for the faint of heart. However, sometimes I like some super-naughty taboo roleplays. Although it is getting cold and girls put on more clothing, the addiction to Starbucks pumpkin spice. After all, nothing calls basic bitches from hiding like its warm spicy calling. Then, as they show up to the counter wearing their tight leggings and ugg boots all I have to do is wait till I find my prize. After only a few days I am able to determine when she leaves her house every morning to lay the perfect pumpkin driven trap.

Rough Sex Cannibal Course: Tapping A Basic Bitch(The Perfect Fall Meal)

That is exactly what I did. Under turned clothes basket I left a note for her to find her morning brew. Surely, normal people would go the other direction rather than eat food strangely put in front of them. However, I am sure our basic bitch for the day surely believed the world revolved around her. Unfortunately, this would be her demise. Although, as she reached down and grabbed the Starbucks and drank the warmth down there was no regret. She climbed into the driver’s seat and peacefully passed out before she even shut the driver’s side door. That was my cue. After all, nothing is easier then swooping a passed out 120 lbs basic-bitch into the back seat of a car.

Alright, I did have a little help from a friend. A client of mine who loved to nibble on tasty thighs of nummy teens joined right at my side. Sure our basic bitch was as tasty as the next one, but she had a plump rump. Surely she must have already put on some winter pounds nice and early. Only after getting her back to the house and stripping her clothes were we able to see just how delicious she was. Her beautiful Starbucks fed rump was juicy and plump just the way that it should be. As my client began tieing her knees under her body it was impossible for me to take a taste of our delicious meal.

As my client began tieing her knees under her body it was impossible for me to take a taste of our delicious meal.

He began to chuckle as our treat whimpered that it was the hardest cum of her life. The sweet juices were sure to coat the inside of her meat nicely. As I finished up I began to help spread the cooking oil around all of her fall curves. Her breasts were full in my hands. She even let out soft whimpers as pinched her nipples between my fingers. However, nothing compared to the soothing noise she made as she backed up in the over for our fall harvest dinner. Her even stroked his cock in her honor, cumming as the last breath left her lips, and the smell of pumpkin spice roast filling the house.