Rough Sex: The Accomplice Brings Him the Prize – Phone Sex

Rough Sex is hot.  But what is even hotter, is watching it happen.

I wasn’t sure I could do it. My landlord was a sexist asshole, and when I became late on my rent, he told me we could fix it if I would just fuck him on a regular basis.

Just looking at him made my skin crawl.

I asked if there was anything else I could do and he said”Just sex”. If not with me, he wanted someone else to fuck. So my work as an accomplice came to life.

That night, I went out to the bar and found a girl that looked good but sad. We talked for at least an hour on a range of subjects.

Turns out, we both enjoyed sex a lot.

After, getting her pretty drunk, I offered to let her crash at my place. Once I got her to my house, we talked some more, and she told me some pretty crazy shit that she didn’t want anyone else to know about.

YES!! Thank you alcohol! That was exactly what I needed to finish this off.

I called my landlord and told him to come over in ten minutes.

As she relaxed, I gave her a deep kiss. I wasn’t surprised that she kissed me back.

In my room and I moved on her.   I put her arms up and fastened them to the headboard.

Just as I finished, the front door opened. She looked scared when I said, “We’re in here, come on back.”

I unzipped her strapless dress and slid it off her body. She started trying to kick me, but my landlord came in and held her feet for me.

Once she was naked, he didn’t waste any time. He climbed right up onto her, straddled her body and forced his cock into her mouth.

I told her to cooperate or I would tell everyone her secrets.

While tears streamed down her face, his cock gagged her throat.   Then he pulled out of her mouth, pushed her legs up and fucked the shit out of her pussy.

This is when I learned that rough sex was hot to watch!

He pounded into her until his balls drew up, and then pulled out shooting his load all over her pretty face and tits.

As he pulled his pants on, he told me I was a good accomplice. From now on, I will be finding him new hot meat to fuck instead of paying rent.

I couldn’t complain. It was hot as fuck to watch and being an accomplice fucking hot!

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