I love a good rough fucking..just can’t get enough!

A rough fucking is all I need sometimes. I crave it, sometimes it’s like I even need it. I love to tease, obviously, but there’s only so much teasing and innocent things I can do before I need someone to bring out the bad side in me. The claws, the biting, the running my nails down your back and making you moan my name from how much you want me. And then I love to get thrown around like a little sex toy and used all night.. Something about that mixture drives me crazy.

I’m always in control, always taking the lead, always teasing up a storm and getting away with it 😉 But the second someone takes back control and keeps it..it drives me wild. I met a guy lately who did this exactly, step by step, almost like he had the manual to turning me on.. and the little bastard earned himself a spot on my friends-with-benefits list because of it – and trust me, it’s a short list. I couldn’t believe I was letting him in so close, but he had everything I wanted..

Dominant, in control, and he wouldn’t let me walk all over him or get him wrapped around my finger. But he showed enough interest that my teasing was paying off and starting to drive him wild.. Just a silly guy I met at a bar last week on my vacation, Miguel.I thought it was crazy that I might actually be doing the one-night stand thing..but I got a little more than I bargained for. I got the rough fucking of my dreams, and I didn’t even think it would escalate to that level of rough sex. I’m a masochist, so of course as soon as he pushed me into his room I pulled him against me, nails to his back to get a rise out of him and see if he’d fire back.. and he did.

He threw me off of him, onto the bed, climbing on top like he had something to prove. Sweaty with a mischievous smirk, arms holding me down to prove that I could put up a fight, but it was useless. And that’s all he needed to get me started..♥

Come play with me.